Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cute School Supplies & Advice on Grades

So I know most of us are back to school and while we may be dreading wakingup in the morning, we shouldm't dread using our school supplies! I wanted to share some of my favorite things I have gotten/created for school.

 Cute, Bow pencil pouch from Francescas. It's the perfect size. 

 These are  two of my favorite binder cover ideas. I got the patterns from Pinterest, and just typed the classes on using Microsoft Word. I love them, because they are much more unique and personalized to me. 

 My Kate Spade Agenda is my love. It has the perfect amount of room to right things that I need to do and plan all the major events in my life. How can you resist stripes and polka dots?

Now I just wanted to talk about how I made my composition books. I got basic composition books from Offic depot, but then used fun paper and monogram stickers to make them my own. I can easily point them out in a group and plus they are totally my style.

Don't Let Grades Get You Down
I'm assuming almost everyone is back at school now and if not back yet is very close to starting. I have been back for about 3 weeks, and have already had several tests and quizzes and I have received some grades I'm ecstatic about and others I wish I could hide under a rock. Whether you have the hardest course load possible or a fairly easy one, bad grades are going to come and you have to be prepared to react to them. You can not start crying, because you failed an assignment. You can't let it faze you; you have to tell yourself, I may not have done my best on this assignment, but I will do better on the next. And then actually work harder the next time, spend 10 minutes extra to studying or try a new study technique. The important thing to remember is that there are other assignments, this will not be the only grade you ever get. Teachers will give you many more opportunities to prove your knowledge and that one bad grade will slowly become forgotten. This was my philosophy last year and I got all A's in honors and 2 AP classes. Don't give up hope or stop trying, because you get one bad grade. There is always a way to improve and get better, but it will require extreme work and dedication. I know we all have sports and clubs that occupy are time outside of school, but thats where organization and planning come into play(look for a post coming really soon). My main point is that even straight A students get F's sometimes and you can't let that ruin your day or your overall drive. You have to keep moving, keep pushing forward and if your grades aren't exactly what you want work a little harder. You will get the grade that you deserve in the end, just let the education system play itself out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life and Style Update

Lovely Jems and Jewels: 

I found this necklace from Leopard and Latte Inc. and I can just not stop wearing it! The colors work perfectly with many outfits, colors, and patterns. Plus I have really been in love with the look of very long necklaces, plus the tassel look is very in right now, but it is also something that is very my style. Shirt: Ralph Lauren  Watch: Kate Spade  Necklace: Etsy  

I felt inspired to share an important topic that impacts myself as well as many people all over the country and world.
My Views on Perfection:
Sometimes I think about the impact that I am having on others, because often I get comments telling me that I live the "perfect life". As I wonder exactly what the "perfect life" is I question if the way that I am portraying myself and people are perceiving me is putting others down, making them feel worse about themselves; it's a subconscious way of carrying myself that I can't help but describe as anything but growing up with manner and class, but also being extremely introverted, blocking all negative emotions and thought in. Sure, I get good grades, dress well, am involved, and am kind to others, but little do these people know anything but my surface value. I have struggles, fights, and negative emotions. On the outside I may drive a shiny car, wear cute clothes, and get an A on the test, but inside my mind I constantly feel emotions that people from the outside would never know. Things that some people are always showing on the outside but I am holding in. I don't allow people to get close to me and I block out my feelings from really coming through. Just because I hide these emotions doesn't mean I never cry or get angry or stressed. It doesn't mean I never fail a test or miss an event. It means when I do I block out the emotion and put on a smile until I get home and am alone to let it all out. I have downfalls: friendship is the hardest thing in the world for me, stress gets to me all the time. Sometimes I think I am trying to make this perceiving "perfection" a reality. I want people to realize that "perfection" does not exists and will never exists. No one's life is any easier than any one else's. We all have different struggles and battles and flaws that we are constantly trying to fight and adapt to to make the best possible out of the situation. The truth is for every imperfection you find you can find a million wonderful things about yourself. There is no reason to ever feel as if you don't compare, because yes, everyone is different and no one is comparable to you. Focus on what you can learn from others.