Sunday, December 21, 2014

Intelligence, Being Smart, and Hardwork

I'm the girl many people in school consider smart. I'm not naturally intelligent. I'm hardworking and dedicated. I don't think people understand what it means to do well in school anymore; people are beginning to believe you are predestined to be smart or not but that is not the case at all. This causes many people not to work hard at all, because they believe they have no chance to be smart. For some people, yes of course they are naturally smart, they are born with an ability to learn at a higher level. For the majority of us including myself, we must work extremely hard to learn and get the highest grades. If you are serious about doing well in school no matter who you are you can get the highest grades by staying dedicated to your studies. It may not be the most fun thing to do, but you can not give up on it. I just want everyone out there to realize that with hardwork anyone can be intelligent and earn high marks in school. It is not limited to a small group of people, but knowledge is open to everyone and it is up to you to decide whether or not you will take it seriously and take all the information you are given in school and submerge yourself in it. 
With all of that said of course grades aren't everything. You are worth so much more than the grades you get and the classes you take, so you can not let that control your life. But that cannot be a reason for you to give up on school. Knowledge is power. Focus on learning the information over memorizing for the test. The information may seem pointless now, but you never know how it could help you in the future. Even if you don't end up with the grades to go to your dream school; you should realize that all colleges are great today and you can end up with a great education no matter where you go if you apply yourself.
Eductation is crucial today, so don't throw it all away with the crazy idea that you aren't smart, because anyone can be intelligent if they are willing to work for it. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oops..I Still Need Some Gifts: A Last Minute Gift Guide

It's that point in the Christmas season when you begin to freak out over all of the presents you have yet to get for your loved ones. I'm putting this guide together to give you guys some ideas for your friends and family. Whether you are crafty, preppy, practical, sporty or looking for a one stop purchase I have plenty of ideas for you.

Last Minute Crafty/Affordable Gifts:
1: The Love to Bake Kit- The perfect gift for anyone that loves making desserts. Fill a jar with cupcake liners, cookie cutters, and fun sprinkles to create an all inclusive baking gift. 
2: A Delicious Cupcake in a Jar- Make your favorite type of cupcake decorated with fun frosting and holiday sprinkles, put it in a mason jar and attach a printed spoon as a cute simple gift. 
3: DIY Key Fob- Any teenager loves a cute key fob to decorate their key chain, this is a supper simple tutorial that makes a simple but useful gift. 
4: Pedicure Kit- Put some festive holiday nail polishes from OPI or Essie, add a mini nailpolish remover bottle, nail clippers, and lotion. This is a great relaxing gift for women and girls alike. 
5: Peppermint Puppy Chow- Make some holiday puppy chow and put it in a clear bag with some holiday ribbon for a simple yet delicious gift. You can even add a giftcard to their favorite store attached on the outside.  
6: Gold Dipped Flower Pot- Paint a pot in a fun color with a gold accent and add a pretty plant for a fun and dfifferent gift that appeals to nature.

Preppy Gifts:
1: J. Crew Factory Flannel Pajama Pants- A fun printed pair of pajamas is always a fun gift, paired with a fun tee and you have a simple, but put together outfit. 
2: Kate Spade I Pad Case- Every preppy girl loves Kate Spade and a great way to show it off is a fun printed case for their I Pad. This is an easy gift that is perfectly complete. 
3: Lilly Pulitzer Wristlet- Pick up a fun wristlet and add a gift card for your loved one's favorite store inside to create a great gift.
4: Southern Tide 1/4 Zip- A cute gift for your favorite preppy boy; a fun pullover to pair with their favorite oxfords and tees.
5: Vineyard Vines Wallet- Every guy needs a good wallet; you can add a giftcard to it as well to complete the entire gift. 
6: Southern Proper Bowe tie- This is a cute tie for your beau and makes a great easy gift and add a cute matching shirt to create a complete look for your favorite boy. 

Practical Gifts: 
1: Cologne- Everyone uses perfume or cologne, but they never want to buy it for themselves. Treat your loved one to a new scent or an old favorite and you can't go wrong.
2: Mophie Rechargable Phone Case- A rechargable case is great for an guy to allow them to never run out of battery with a convenient sleek case. It's a simple, but much needed gift. 
3: Maglite LED Flashlight- Guys love flashlights, it's a known fact. Get them the newest in LED flashlights to put a smile on your favorite guys face Christmas morning.
4: J. Crew Camp Socks- Girls love socks and J.Crew camp socks are the perfect mix of functionality and style. With many different colors to choose from their great for girls to style this winter.
5: Kate Spade Journals- A cute notebook paired with some cute pencils or pens creates a much needed gift. For moms, students, or neighbors alike all have notes and reminders to jot down. 
6: Lilly Pulitzer Portable Charger- This cute charger will allow any girl to keep her phone charged in style, choose her favorite print and give her a gift she will use daily.

Sporty Gifts:
1: Fit Bit Flex- I have a fitbit and love it; it is a unique item that helps you keep up with all things fitness in a unique wristband. 
2: Krass and Co Shorts- Krass and Co shorts are so cute with their unique fun prints, so pick up a pair for your favorite guy and maybe a fun tshirt to go with it. 
3: Wake Forest Shirt- Guys love shirts for their favorite team, so find a cute one with their team's logo. This is my personal pick for my dad. You can even add a hat or croakie to go along with it.
4: Personalized Water Bottle- A personalized water bottle is a great gift, just get a water bottle and add a sticker with their name or initials and fill it with delicious treats.
5: Nike Running Shoes- Running shoes are great, because girls and guys love to have many different colors to go with different outfits.
6: Monogram Shorts- Pick up some Nike running shorts at the store and drop them off at the local embroidery shop for a cute and personalized gift for the runner or athlete in your family.

One Stop Shop for Gifts:

1: J. Crew Tweed Sport Coat- A cute blazer or coat is a great gift for any guy plus your boy will look super cute this winter! Plus this tweed J.Crew coat is fabulous.
2: Hugo Boss Watch- Most guys don't have a nice watch, so when looking for a one stop present a watch is a wonderful present for him.
3: I Phone 6- Who doesn't want the newest I Phone, so this is a great gift for your loved one. You can even inculde an Itunes gift card, so that they can get some new songs with their phone.
4: Large Longchamp Le Pliage Tote- Longchamps are the perfect totes to carry around to school, airport, or day to day. Any girl would love one, because of its simple and classic style.
5: Tory Burch Robinson Wallet- A new classic wallet is a great addition for any girl and most girls love Tory Burch. This is a great item any girl would be excited to receive.
6: Salvatore Ferragamo Flats- These flats would make a great addition to any girls closet. Their simple nature makes them extremely easy to style.

I hope you guys got all the idea you needed and have a wonderful holiday season!