Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Get Organized

Lately I have been working to organize many of the different areas of my life. I have been working on my desk drawers and to do list to go along with my planner. I have the Kate Spade planner and I feel like I don't have enough room to write everything I have to do in it, so I wanted to create a subsidiary page to use. 
My Planner Sheet:

I will be using this daily to organize my thoughts and to dos. It's fun colors(my favorite: pink and navy) and made to fit the needs I feel I have everyday. I can create a to do list, write my top quote for the day, how much water I drink, my fitness goals, events that day, and any blog ideas or other inspiration that hits me. If any of you would like to use it you can download the PDF above.

My Drawer Organizers:
My Left Drawer:

My Right Drawer:

I used this tutorial from I Heart Organizing. You use cereal and snack cardboard boxes to create organizers that are a perfect fit for your drawers. I made them in coordinating colors to my room. This is a super easy project you can do any time.

Thank you all for reading! I love DIY projects so there will be sure to be more projects just like this. Use the new year to get your life organized. 

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