Thursday, January 8, 2015

Life Changing Moments

I think everyone has moments in their life that change them and make them realize their worth. I think these moments are crucial in having a productive and fulfilled life. Without these you may get stuck in a rut with no where to go. I've had three major life changing or guiding moments in my life that I can remember. The first came the summer before I went into 3rd grade, I moved from Florida to Georgia and left my friends and family behind. This move made me realize that family is my rock, my safety net that I can always rely on. It also taught me that some friends are temporary and others will stand by you through everything and that you can't expect people to treat you any different than they treat you. The second is probably the most monumental for me and came when I went to California for 3 weeks by myself for a summer program. This probably taught me the most important lesson of all, to put myself first, to spend time doing the things I love, that it's okay to spend time by yourself, and that I am special. It also showed me who I wanted to become and led my life on the path to success. It taught me I can survive on my own without anyone's hep. But most importantly it gave me the confidence to take on the world. The third came this school year with finding my dedication to community service. I realized how desperately I wanted to make a difference in this world and how hard I was willing to work to make a difference. I think everyone has these moments and if you look at them you realize how perfect its timing was and how great it was in leading you right as you were going astray. Take chances, live your life so you have as many life changing moments as you can. Realize your worth and you dreams and never let them go. 
Let me know what your life changing moments are and what they have taught you!


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