Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Vision Board

For Christmas my dad got everyone in our family vision boards. They are part of Jack Cranfield's Dream Big Collection; my sister and I received the one for teens. It seems to be a really good idea to distinguish your goal's and inspiration for the year. I wanted to share mine with you guys and maybe encourage you guys to make your own! You don't even have to buy the book, you could DIY one yourself. I will also be sharing my goals for 
Here's an overview of my board. It comes with the inspirational sayings and words and I printed the pictures from the Internet or family photos.
This is the left side of my board. It outlines my education, career, and fitness goals.
This is the right side and it outlines service, personal, family, and travel goals.
1) I will be accepted to Wake Forest, my dream school. 
2) I will get above a 2000 on the SAT, so that's one of my goals.
3) I will get all A's this year.
This is a close up to show detail. The kit comes with some stickies to attach the quotes, but we bought double sided tape to attach all of the pictures. 
4) I will get 4's and 5's on my AP Exams this May.
5) I will speak up and be more active in classroom discussion.
6) In college, I will join a sorority.
7) In college, I will explore many different subjects.
8) In college, I will find what subject I'm passionate about.
9) I will be accepted to law school.
10) I will become a successful lawyer.
11) I will work in politics.
12) I will ride my bike more.
13) I will practice tennis more.
14) I will get 10,000 steps a day. 
15) I will work to build muscle. 
16) I will volunteer weekly.
17) I will find a place to volunteer that I am passionate about and love.
18) I will through my school's Key Club lead people to service.
19) I will do more crafts and DIYs.
20) I will learn calligraphy. 
21) I will practice photography.
22) I will read frequently for fun not for school.
 23) I will save more and spend less.
24) I will apply for many scholarships and get them.
25) I will visit Nantucket.
26) I will visit New York.
27) I will take a family trip to the beach. 
28) I will visit my family in Florida more frequently.
29) I will spend more time with my family.
30) I will improve my relationship with my dad.
31) I will become my sister's best friend. 
32) I will think of others before myself.
33) I will be dedicated to my blog. 

I hope this inspires you all to distinguish your dreams and work to chase them this year! Your year will be what you make of it. If you are ever feeling lost you can go to the inspiration section of this website for new and inspiring quotes!

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