Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Weight

It was 8th grade when it started, when weight was in the forefront of every girls mind. Everyone was thinking about their body image and what other people thought of them. I was always very skinny it was my genetic predisposition that I in no way controlled. It seemed that no matter how much I ate I stayed at one weight. People would comment on it frequently and it led me to realize that skinny shaming is a very real thing, that can have a real impact. People would tell me that I needed to eat a hamburger or extra fries or I would notice everyone looking at me as my health teacher talked about anorexia and bulimia, it hurt me but they were things I felt I could just laugh off and forget about. Though they weren't really and they began to make me feel insecure. I knew I ate and ate well so I never really was overly concerned with it until 9th grade. One evening my mom got a call from my school counselor saying that one of my teachers had reported that he/she thought I had an eating disorder. My mom of course assured him that I did not, and that she knew I ate well and it ran in my family to be petite, but hearing this crushed me. Hearing that just because I am skinny people think I having an eating disorder was hurtful to me and it was OK for my counselor to simply call my mom and say that to her with no evidence whatsoever infuriated me. I didn't hear my counselor calling overweight people's parents telling them to go on a diet. I didn't hear girls at my school telling overweight girls to eat a salad. I didn't see people directing stares at overweight people in health class as we talk about obesity. It's because for some reason being overweight is not nearly as bad in society's eye as being underweight; its almost like it is glamorized. Our culture accepts being overweight, you hear it in songs, in quotes, in magazines; celebrities talking about how guys like girls with meat on their bones and curvy is what you should look like. I think this is great and people should be accepting of overweight people's body image, but why is it OK to discriminate against people that are skinny, but not people that are overweight. You are not being accepting by saying that "boys they like a little more booty to hold at night"(All about that Bass by Meghan Trainor) and while I understand the purpose of the song, she is saying that skinny girls are less than. I just hope that one day people will realize that skinny shaming is very real and that promoting being overweight as best is not encouraging acceptance, it is actually taking a step backwards. Acceptance is saying that no matter what your weight is that you are beautiful and wonderful. Making anyone feel bad about their body type weather it is normal, overweight or skinny is very powerful and people must realize discrimination truly runs deeper than just to those that are overweight.

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