Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lilly for Target

This time last week I was very sad over the fact that I was unable to get anything from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line. I guess in a way I didn't try very hard as I thought I could have just shopped online when I woke up the next morning and if that didn't work I could go to the store that afternoon. Standing in line at 7:00 A.M. or staying up all night never crossed my mind as I didn't think it would sell out that quickly. I live in the South, but I didn't think anyone liked Lilly. I, after growing up in Florida, had worn Lilly Pulitzer clothes to my school in Georgia before and whenever I wear them student's and teachers seem to give me weird looks. I understand this as I know the bright bold prints of Lilly Pulitzer aren't for everyone, but I never would have guessed my loal Target would sell out in minutes. So when I woke up Sunday Morning I instantly checked online, almost everything was sold out in my size. I really only wanted the shift dress in the Giraffeeey print. The few things that were left, I couldn't see myself wearing, so I ordered nothing. Later that morning I found out my store had sold out, so there was no luck there. I had basically given up hope at that point of getting anything from the collection.

 Fast forward to Saturday, April 25, I went into my Target to get a cookie cake, no shame I had been craving one this whole week and decided to go by the clothes section to see if they just happened to have anything. It had been almost a week, so I really didn't expect anything. I was shocked to actually find quite a few things. There were probably about 15 random clothing items in varying sizes and around 10 home items left. In terms of clothes there was a bathing suit top, little girl shorts, one pair of women's shorts, 2 shift dresses(sadly not my size), a jumpsuit, a top, and a cover up. Most of the clothing items were not my size, but I did snag one thing. I got the halter top in Sea Urchin for You, even though this is not a piece I thought I wanted, I decided to try it on and it was so cute. It seemed like the perfect summer piece. My mom also got a super cute cover up; she got the Eyelet Tunic Cover-Up in white. It is very cute, the gold detailing is to die for. The main reason for writing this post is to tell you guys what one of the very nice ladies working at my local Target told me, she said all the online orders are coming in to people right now and because of all the glitches on the website many people got doubles of the same item as well as things that don't fit and are returning it to the store. Apparently that is how they ended up with all the clothes that they had there, because the store was wiped out in 5 minutes of the original release. So if your interested in this collection go to your Target now or sometime this upcoming week and just take a look, they may have what you have been wishing for or they may have something that you didn't know you wanted. 

Don't give up hope quite yet for Lilly for Target pieces. 

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