Friday, May 29, 2015

Being Truthful & Standing Up
I found this picture on Pinterest the other day and it really meant something to me. There are two sides to this; the first is about telling the truth and being an honest person. People, that may be your "friends", don't always tell the truth or they gloss over things for fear of what other people will think of them. This is extremely common in high school and other school like situations. People want to be cool, they want to fit in. This is not a good thing, because you are falling into a pattern of deception and loosing sense of who you are. It is important to build yourself on a pyramid of truth and stand up for what truly matters to you. So what if you like spending your Friday nights at home, instead of at the school football game. Be truthful to your personality and spirit; don't go along with the crowd.
The second is standing up for yourself; don't be afraid to say no. You should not change what you believe just to fit in with a group of people. You will be threatened with hard decisions, things that you know are not right, and you need to be the one to stand up and make a difference. Many people will hope and rely on others to make the difference, but I empower you to be the difference. Stand up for what everyone else is afraid to say, be the person that will set the new status quo. You may be nervous, you may be scared, your voice may tremble with fear, but knowing you stood up for what is right and attempted to make a change is power. You may not get the results you hoped, but you can be secure in knowing that you got at least one new person to think over if not change their decision. Words are powerful and you should always be sure that you are using them for good and not for evil.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Guide to AP Classes

I'm sure many of you are scheduling your classes for next year and while counselors can be very helpful, sometimes they don't give you the real perspective of the class that you are looking for. This post will consist of the classes I took freshman-junior year. I will update this post in July when AP scores for this year come in. Once I complete my senior year, I will also update this post.

AP Human Geography:
-Year Taken: Freshman Year(2012-2013)
-Score: 4
-This was my first AP class, and I think it fills that role perfectly. The teacher can use this class to easily explain what is expected of an AP course. Also, looking back at this class, it taught me things that would be helpful in classes of all disciplines later on. The content can really be applied to life and the world around you. This makes it easy to understand. You can take this class any year of high school and you will be able to relate it to your life and things you are learning in other classes. I think this is a great class to take, because the subject area mimics a real college course. It's not a general science or math class, it is something specific and interesting.
-Study Books: I used the Barron's study book and flashcards. I really liked the flashcards the best to help review the important concepts.
AP World History:
-Year Taken: Sophomore Year(2013-2014)
-Score: 5
-This class made me fall in love with history. It is a very challenging course, because you have to know the entire history of the world. You also are faced with three different types of essays you must learn and understand. You have to know a lot. I think this class is all about putting in the work and loving the subject. If you put in the work by reading the book and studying hard then you will find success. If you love learning about history than you will find success. But you must have a passion to be able to exceed in this course. Overall I found this class very rewarding at the end of the year, with my great understanding of the world and why things happened the way that they did.
-Study Book: Princeton Review
AP Biology:
-Year Taken: Sophomore Year(2013-2014)
-Score: 3
-This class was not at all in the area of my interest, but I took it and really liked the class. I felt like it was so much information crammed in a short period of time and like the class should be condensed. It was a lot of memorizing terms and diagrams and less about learning. I loved my teacher, because she really had a passion for the subject, but she had a baby and was out for part of the year causing us to miss out on quite a few labs. I felt like I really was hurt by missing these labs and didn't understand the huge role they would have on the exam. I would suggest if this happens to you, where your teacher doesn't have you do the labs, make sure that you review them on your own. I would take this class if you have a passion for or interest in biology or science. If science isn't your strong point, stay away.
-Study Book: Cliffs Notes. Loved it.
AP U.S. History:
-Year Taken: Junior Year(2014-2015)
-Score: Unknown
-This class was challenging for me, but I loved it. It is a very popular AP class at my school, and I don't really understand why. It is very difficult class, one that I would not recommend as your first AP class. The information is not hard to learn, but the style of multiple choice will take you some time to understand. It is definitely a class that if you are willing to put in the work you can succeed in. Make sure to practice essays throughout the year. My teacher never gave us much practice on them, and I didn't feel as comfortable as I would have liked on the test. I think this is a great class to take, because you will learn a lot about our country and what we must do to change the future.
-Study Book: AMSCO and Princeton Review. Even though my teacher recommended AMSCO, I loved the Princeton Review so much more; it was so much more helpful.
-Year Taken: Junior Year(2014-2015)
-Score: Unknown
-Some people refer to AP Psychology as the easy AP class. The AP test is much shorter than other classes and the multiple choice plays a larger role than the essays. While I took this class my junior year; I think it would make a great first AP class. It reminded me a lot of AP Human Geography. This class is a lot of memorization of terms and stages. You don't have to make deep connections; you just have to know what things mean and how to apply them. This makes it a lot easier than a class like APUSH where you constantly have to connect different events from all different time periods. I would recommend taking this class for anyone.
-Study Book: Barrons
AP English Language and Composition:
-Year Taken: Junior Year(2014-2015)
-Score: Unknown
-I don't think AP Lang is a hard class. It requires you to do a lot of practice. You have to practice multiple choice over and over again in order to be successful and you have to write essays upon essays to get a high score. I think this is a class where hard work pays off. I found that the work we had to do in class did not really prepare me for the AP exam. I got a study book and did practice questions and essays and that was the most help. I have only heard of this class being offered to juniors, and I think that is good. I would not recommend taking this class before then, because you need to have outside events to pull into your essays and I just don't think you would have enough understanding to do it freshman or sophomore year.
-Study Book: Cliffs Notes
AP Physics 1:
-Year Taken: Junior Year(2014-2015)
-Score: Unknown
-This is definitely a class with a learning curve. I spent all 1st semester approaching this class the wrong way, I was trying to solve problems not understand the connections. This class is not focused on math, it is focused on manipulation of variables and making connections. My teacher taught us the math and then just expected us to understand the connections. That did not click for me, but I got a study book and it helped a lot. Even though the Princeton review book I got had a lot of excess information, it still was very helpful. I'm sure they will put out better books, but since this year was the first year there were not good study materials. This class requires a lot of passion and hard work. If you love science, you should take this class, but if you don't I would just shy away.
-Study Book: Princeton Review. Had excess information that is not covered on the test, but a lot of good recources. Will probably have a better version next year.
AP Classes I'm taking my senior year: AP European History, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature and Composition, AP United States Government and Politics, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics. Once I complete these courses I will add them to this post. If you have taken any of the classes I am taking next year please let me know how they are!

These are my opinions on AP classes I have taken. I completely understand if some of you don't agree, as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Feel free to email or comment if you have questions about any of the classes I have taken I would love to answer!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Perfect Summer Outfits

I wanted to share the outfits I wore this Memorial Day Weekend. I did a packing post, you can read it here. I did switch one shirt to something more casual at the last minute, just in case you are curious why it is different between the two posts. These are great outfits to wear throughout the summer. I did not have an opportunity to showcase these outfits on, because the weather has been terrible, but I am showing you what I wore together. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit #1

Necklace: Etsy
Watch: Kate Spade
Ring: Passed down from my Grandma (Similar)
Shoes: Jack Rogers

Outfit #2

Shirt: Nordstrom
Shorts: J.Crew Factory (Similar)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (Similar)
Watch: Kate Spade
Ring: Passed down from my Grandma (Similar)
Shoes: Jack Rogers

Outfit #3

Shirt: Old Navy
Necklace: J.Crew Factory (Similar)
Watch: Kate Spade
Ring: Passed down from my Grandma (Similar)
Shoes: Jack Rogers

If you liked this post, check out Monday's post and stay tuned for other fashion posts every Monday and Wednesday! 
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 3 Weekly recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever series of Bachelorette Recaps! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here. 

We have endured the first 2 episodes. You can read my first episode recap here. I didn't recap the second episode, since it was only an hour, but oh my gosh the season teaser seems crazy! Though I know what happens in rose ceremonies and the ending, the funny and dramatic things that occur within the episodes make it worth watching. I'm excited, because this season seems to be full of drama. I think choosing Kaitlin as Bachelorette was a good idea, though she could end up as the girl version of Juan Pablo. 

Kaitlin begins the show talking to Chris Harrison. She reiterates how lucky she feels, yet again. I'm sure she's thinking about how lucky it is that she gets to go kiss a bunch of guys, definitely not about finding love.
Then the go to the guys; they show them all excited that Kaitlin's the Bachelorette. I'm most amazed by the amount of food they had for Brunch. It made me wish I was there. All that fruit looked fresh and delicious.

Britt & Brady:
Britt is shown calling her mom on the phone. She sad that she didn't get to say goodbye to any of the guys. And then just as she finishes talking, Brady knocks on her door. This whole section seemed scripted. Brady is so sweet; he really wants to be with Britt. We see them talking, but the show drags out the rest to the end of the show. In the last minute of the show they show Britt and Brady sharing an ice cream cone and prancing around, before they finally show Brady asking Britt to be his "girl".  I honestly think they actually have a shot at it, since they are dating in the real world.

Group Date 1: Boxing
The guys enter the creepy boxing studio by calling out, "oh Kaitlin where are you". This is one of the cheesiest things this show has ever done. The guys find Kaitlin in her cliche boxing outfit with a famous women boxer. They really pushed the guest stars this episode, but it does make for interesting T.V.  All I can think about is on this date their are the tiny scrawny guys and the giant, I'm obsessed with the gym guys. It's pretty easy to pick out the winners. Kupah is in his own world; he doesn't even talk to Kaitlin throughout the whole date. Then they find out they have to fight each other, duhh, they've got to make this interesting. The producers are geniuses, because making the guys fight each other is the perfect way to create drama in the house. I personally cringed watching all of this fighting. The championship comes down to Jared vs. Ben Z(or as Kaitlin says it Benzee). Ben Z. wins, but he hurts Jared. Jared must go to the hospital. They go on to the end of the date, where all the guys talk to her. She seems really taken back by all the guys that are dads, as if she is not ready for that responsibility. We all know that she is not ready for that responsibility either. Kaitlin has a really strong connection with Ben Z. She later gets a note from Jared, who wants her to come down stairs. He tells her that he has to go back, but that he wanted to see her first. It's very sweet. She literally kisses almost everyone on this date. The rose goes to Ben Z. It was so obvious by how strong their connection was.

1 on 1: Underwater Photo Shoot
Clint gets this date, like what who even is Clint. Then they make you remember that he's the one who gave her a picture of Chris Harrison on a Triceratops, how does that warrant you a 1 on 1. He finds out the date is an underwater photo shoot; he acts so taken back by it that you could think he has a fear of water. This in my opinion is a boring date. Kaitlin is sure that is going to be an excellent test of chemistry- who the heck fed her that line. I kind of miss Kaitlin's fun spirit on this date. They put makeup and did Kaitlin's hair just for her to jump in a pool, OK that makes sense(not at all). Clint has too much hair for this date, it looks weird in the water. Clint gets the rose, but they seem like an awkward match in my opinion. The pictures did turn out really cool though. Oh yeah and Kaitlin kisses him, shocker.

The healer is at the mansion rambling off all of his many opinions on love, that consist of way too many metaphors. None of the other guys seem to care. It is funny though as he accidental refers to Kaitlin as Britt. Someone just get this psycho off this show.

Group Date 2: Comedy
My T.V. went off for part of this date, because of the storm, but I'm going to recap what I did see. When I first heard about this date I thought it was going to be hilarious because of how horrible they did, and not because their jokes are actually funny. They had some great guest stars, though to help them. Most importantly, we see how much a jerk J.J.  really is in this episode and how oblivious Kaitlin is to it.  He's so cocky and, I can't even understand why.
Amy hilariously calls J.J. out for being a jerk in one of her ITM's. Cupcake Chris was so cute. Tony epically fails. They didn't really show much of the guys actually telling jokes. They show more ITM's of J.J. talking bad about other people. He really just needs to learn to shut his mouth. They have a little party after where the kiss count goes up to about 3,000. The rose goes to J.J., and suddenly you want to puke all over. I thought that date would be really good, but I think it's execution was a but of a bust.

Cocktail party
Kaitlin arrives and J.J. as the jerk he is runs of with her even though he already has a rose. All the guys are angry at him, and he states that he doesn't care, "that he didn't come here to make friends". After that you see Ian, and how can you not fall for him. He's so sweet, he has a sob story, and he went to Princeton. We finally see Shawn B, who wasn't on any of the dates. Then we get Kupah, who begins getting mad that he's on this show only to meet a black person quota. Wow, finally someone who understands how this show works. He decides to ramble to Kaitlin about all of his problems and you can literally see him digging his own grave. He whines and complains, before finally Kaitlin sends him home. The show ends with an angry Kupah shooting and ITM. No rose ceremony until next week. 

Eliminated: Kupah
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Monday, May 25, 2015

1 Shirt, 3 Ways

I love J.Crew Factory, probably too much for my own good, so I decided to choose one of my favorite pieces from their and showcase how you could wear it 3 different ways. I chose this adorable black and white polka dot shirt that can be dressed up or dressed down. Keep reading to see how I styled it. 
Outfit 1: Graduation Party
Necklace: J.Crew Factory
Shoes: Jack Rogers

 Outfit 2: Last Day of School
Belt: J.Crew
Shoes: Target

Outfit 3: Summer Lunch
Cardigan: J.Crew Factory
Shoes: Jack Rogers

I hope you guys like these outfits! On Wednesday, I will be showing you all what I  wore over Memorial Day weekend. How you would wear this top? 

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Ashley Fountain

Friday, May 22, 2015

Independence Inspiration

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
When I read this quote it perfectly encompasses how I feel about my life right now and where I should be the next few years of my life. I realize I need to become my own person. I need to learn to take care of myself before I can have someone else taking care of me. I need to focus on myself, and furthering the person that I want to become. This doesn't have to just be pertaining to guys, it's your parents and friends too. You don't need your parents to be giving you money; go earn your own. You don't need your friends to dictate what college you go too. Otherwise, your going to have difficulty when one of these things goes away. As the quote suggests you should plant your own garden, because that garden will come back again and again,always providing you with fresh flowers, while when someone brings you flowers they last for only a little while. You are the only one who is there for you, for ever without fault. Yes, fill your house with bouquets of flowers, but only after you have planted your everlasting garden, so even when the bouquets die you will have something to fall back on. Never base a major life decision(college, job, where to move, what to do) on anything but what you want to do and what will grant you the greatest success especially when you are young. Be yourself and go out and chase your dreams. 

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Ashley Fountain

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Day Packing Guide

I'm headed to the lake this weekend for memorial day and I want to show you guys what I am packing. On Wednesday I will be showing you the put together outfits on me. 

 1) Shorts: All of these shorts are from J.Crew Factory. I love these shorts in any length. The seersucker ones are 5 inch chino shorts. The blue ones are 3 inch oxford shorts. The white ones are the 3 inch chino shorts. I've got to say J.Crew has the best shorts for any occasion!

2) T-shirts and tanks: I brought these tanks and tees to pair with my shorts. I love the red and white stripped tank from J.Crew Factory for Memorial Day. This pretty green colored tank is from Nordstrom; it is my go to tank for summer and spring. The white tee I just got from Banana Republic; it is simple and goes with anything. 

3) Athletic Shirts: We always go on walks, so I always bring some t-shirts and tanks to wear when we go on those as well as to wear when I just do not feel like dressing up. The blue one is my Key Club shirt from school. The white one is a tank from Under Armour. My favorite is the stripe tank which is from Gap, which looks so cute with black shorts. 

4) Athletic Shorts/Leggings: I just got these adorable Krass and Co shorts from Rah Rah Designs. Check out their Instagram because they have soo many cute pairs on sale now! I also just bring simple black Nike shorts and black leggings from Target, because they go with any shirt you could bring. 

 5) Bathing suits: I'm not someone that is obsessed with swim suits, but I have a few that I really, really love. The top one the bottoms are from J.Crew Factory and the top is from Target. The next one is from Victoria Secret. For the bottom one the bottoms are from Abercrombie and the top is from an Etsy boutique. Who can resist a monogram, seersucker, or pop floral bikini?

 6) Necklaces: I don't bring much jewelry when I go to the lake, so I only bring two necklaces and my daily jewelry(my watch and ring). The long necklace is from J.Crew Factory and the monogram necklace is from Etsy. They are simple, but can easily pull together your outfit. 

 7) Shoes: I try not to bring too many pairs of shoes, so I'm just bringing my two favorite pairs of shoes my Jack Rogers. They are comfortable and go with any outfit. I am also bringing my sneakers which are not pictured, but you can see them in this post here.

 8) Sweaters/Cover Ups: On labor day weekend the weather is still a bit chilly, so it is very important to bring somethings to keep warm. I'm bringing my navy cardigan from J.Crew Factory and my PFG style shirt that is monogrammed(similar here) to wear as a coverup. These will keep me warm and comfy this weekend!

9) Pajamas: You've got to have some comfy pj's to relax in after the long days of fun at the lake. I love these pajama pants from J.Crew Factory with this comfy, navy tee from Old Navy. Perfect for those lazy relaxing nights!

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Ashley Fountain

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Junior Year Reflection

I'm almost to the end of my Junior Year of high school, so I thought I would right this post as a reflection of what I have learned. I had a great year and am very excited for Senior Year and preparing for the next phase of life.

1) I found my passion. I always one of those people that was involved in my school, but really had no passion for any of it. This year I took a leadership role in my school's Key Club and it changed my life. I fell in love with community service and I realized that it is the thing that brings me so much joy. I am involved in 2 other community service clubs at my school as well, which I will be taking leadership roles in next year. I just feel so lucky to finally find who I am.

2) I found my dream college. My new found passion lead me to my dream college, Wake Forest University. A place which just as much passion for community service as I have. I went there and before I even went on a tour; I just new this was the place I wanted to be. Obviously, once I went on the tour my love grew even more, as I discovered how truly of a great fit this school really is for me.

3) I found my career interest. I took AP U.S. History this year and fell in love with the class. I loved learning the ins and outs of presidents and the country. I have known since middle school, that I want to be a lawyer. This class really inspired me to want to become a political science major and history minor. Even though I know my ideas for my future may change, it is settling to know what your interests are and have a plan to pursue them.
4)  I found my sister. I got a lot closer to my sister this year. I drove her home from school almost every day this year, and just that extra time together really allowed us to bond and connect more than we had before. We had fun together without fighting and cattiness. I realized I need to treasure every moment with her before I go off to college. Even though I know we will always be close; I know that once I leave things will be different. I want to be there to see my sister grow into a great person.

5) I found the truth. I realized everything truly does happen for a reason. You should work as hard as you can on everything, because you will find success. Your success may not be where you expect it; it may come in a completely different form, but what's meant to be will always happen. When you get denied from something, you pick yourself back up and work your butt off and you will be greeted with an even better result.
Most importantly I found happiness this year. I learned what it means to work hard and do the things I love. I learned not everything will be perfect, but it will be exactly what you need. This year gave me the determination to work hard toward my dreams and becoming the best version of myself that I can. 

Thanks for reading,
Ashley Fountain

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 1 Weekly recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever Bachelorette Recap! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here. 

Eep let the madness begin! The first thing that I notice instantly is that Chris Harrison says that everyone is divided; yeah right bachelor producers wanted Britt and the world wanted Kaitlin, so they had to settle with this to get the best of both worlds. We see Britt and Kaitlin's intro videos about how sad they are that Chris broke up with them. Britt fell way to hard and used her emotions WAY to much, but she doesn't seem to be able to control them. Kaitlin on the other hand is the COMPLETE opposite; I've never been a fan of Kaitlin's sense of humor, but I guess most people would prefer humor over an uncontrollable out pouring of tears.

In terms of fashion I LOVE Kaitlin's dress, navy + sparkles=dying. On the other hand I think Britt looks like she's going to prom.I'm not a fan of her dress. You can already begin to see/feel the tension between the two. Kaitlin does not seem to like Britt.

Now for the guys intro videos, yay! Honestly this is the most boring part yet, I would rather see this later when I know who the guys are more, not when they are all strange and nameless. Except for Shawn B. no one can forget Shawn B. So man #1 is Jonathan, he thinks work is fun-uh what planet is he from. He has a kid, shocker, someone always has a kid. He wants Britt. Man #2 is southern charm man, Joe. He with his thick southern accent wants Kaitlin. Man #3 is Josh, the supper tatted, male stripper, that wants to be a lawyer. WHAT??  Man #4 is Brady, the oh so cutesy, figurative, singer type. The perfect cheesy mushy gushy match for Britt. Man #5 is Joshua, he's from Idaho(reminiscing about Chris), he says he has no options at home. He came for Kaitlin. He's the typical country boy, gosh so many country boys on this season. Man #6 is Ian, the typical Cali boy, that went to Princeton? He's a gold medalist and survived being hit by a car. And now I ask why the heck is he on this show!?! Man #7  is Jared, otherwise known as love man. He came for Kaitlin and he knows what he wants. Man #8 is Tony, the medication guy that talks to plants. How can this guy not be on drugs! Man #9, the final one, is Ben Z a total jock, but with a soft spot with tragic story of loosing his mom; he really just wants to make her proud. He wants Kaitlin. It appears Kaitlin is favored, shocker.

There is a dramatic two limo entrance as they both awkwardly and nervously giggle. Britt is very confident seeming, but she probably shouldn't be quite so confident. The awkwardness of how close they are together is incredible. They can hear one anther's conversations. Now for the limo entrances:
-1st: Ben H-He goes straight to Kaitlin, but instantly connects with Britt as they both sponsor children. He seems to have a more powerful connection with Britt.
-2nd: Jonathan to me seemed a bit creep; you could also tell that he really liked Britt. This made things awkward for Kaitlin.
-3rd: Clint instantly heads to Britt, they compliment each others smiles. BORING
-4th: Ryan B heads straight to Britt and his entrance didn't seem memorable.
-Kaitlin at this time becomes very jealous and nervous and she realizes how much she truly wants to be the Bachelorette.
-5: Jared-It doesn't shows who he goes to first just that he is the love man and he explains what that means. 
-6: Kupah- Goes to Britt first and he really likes her. 
-Kaitlin is very upset, because all the guys seem to be focused on Britt.
-7: Brady goes straight to Britt with no hesitation. 
-8: Cory S goes to Kaitlin, yay finally someone an instant boost for her!
-Kaitlin is just so nervous, so she is not making as good an impression.
-9: Ian-He goes straight to Kaitlin and says he came there for her. Things are looking up for her!
-10: JJ-Goes to Kaitlin with the joke that he would love to puck her. Their personalities seem to really match and they connect.
-11: Ryan M- He goes to Kaitlin and he's obsessed with her. Weird, he already seems off just wait for what's to come. 
-12: Brad- He goes to both. Boring... but safe. 
-13: Daniel- Goes to Kaitlin, wow so many Kaitlin's in a row- you know this is not how they actually came out.
-14: Josh-He really wen to both; he's a male stripper and both are weirded out. Kaitlin says Britt can keep him.
-15: Joe- Ha ha the cute country boy went to Kaitlin and brought her Moonshine. Ha ha
-16: Justin- He went to Kaitlin and brought her balloons. It's so cute, but he brought nothing for Britt-awkward.  
-Britt is getting really jealous, because Kaitlin is getting gifts and she's not and magically the next guy out of the limo brings her a gift. Thank the Bachelor Gods!
-17: Tanner goes to Britt brings her Tissues. I thought it was sweet, but Britt does not take it that way at all. 
-18: Shawn B- He goes for the safe group hug, bu then goes to Kaitlin and tells her how he came for her. (funny how that works out)
-Kaitlin runs into the house, because she wants to be with the guys. I think she's a smart girl by doing that. Britt doesn't agree and begins to pout about how it is not fair. 
-19: David- He goes to Kaitlin. Wow we really see the return of Kaitlin lovers don't we. 
-20: Corey- He goes confidently to Kaitlin and asks if the offer to plow her field is still available. Ha ha funny show you watched her season, shows you really know about her. 
-21: Tony- He goes to Britt and tells her about how he is taking a risk by coming her. Um aren't they all taking a risk. 
-Ryan has drank WAY too much. He makes fun of the next guy; he is NOT at all being classy. 
-22: Shawn E- He comes in a hot tub car, kinda strange. He's worried about people peeing in the hot tub, is he with a bunch of kindergartners. He goes to Kaitlin
-23: Chris: He comes in a cupcake car, because he's a dentist. What? He goes to Kaitlin. Both say it is really cute, but I think they are fibbing. 
-24: Joshua: He goes to Kaitlin
-All these guys going to Kaitlin really boosts her attitudes and makes her feel confident. 
-25: Ben Z- He goes to Britt
-Britt REALLY wants a husband, and I think that is where her and Kaitlin differ. She is very serious and knows what she wants, while Kaitlin just seems to be having fun and not being quite so serious. 

TOTALS: Britt: 9, Kaitlin: 13 
And now we see why Kaitlin wins. 

Time to go talk:
Kaitlin tells a Joke, Britt doesn't like her for doing it. Britt wants to be serious and formal and she begins to doubt Kaitlin's seriousness. Um we all are, Kaitlin doesn't seem to be that serious. I think that may explain her ending or maybe that's just hindsight bias. 
I didn't know who any of the guys were when the were talking to the girls, so instead I just made a list of funny things that were said. 
-Some guy wanted a dual wedding in Utah. 
-The one guy plays the dad card. There is ALWAYS that guy.
-Personal thought: Shawn B=so attractive.
-Chris Harrison on a triceratops? Weird, but definitely memorable. 
-Creepy medicine guy does not listen to Chris Harrison-feels the pulsation of Britt's Box. He's just very strange. 
-Still feel like most people are pro Kaitlin, despite the show trying to show both and make it look so close. 
-Then Ryan M and hot tub guy almost fight, but in reality nothing happens. 
-Ryan M is completely drunk-swimming in the pool, being disrespectful to the girls.
-He is asked to leave by Chris Harrison. 
-We get one exciting part of this whole show: One elimination: Ryan M
-All the guys trying to decide who to vote for.

Chris Harrison and his box protector friend go and count the roses in each box and the show ends with nothing but a giant cliff hanger! Well I guess the Bachelorette will eat up another one of my nights. Overall, the first episode was a bit to fast paced, you couldn't really get to know anyone. I like it better with just one lead; way less chaos. But this season should be very interesting.

Let me know what you thought!
Thanks for reading, 

Monday, May 18, 2015

What to Expect from my Blog this Summer

Hi everyone! I am almost done with my Junior year of high school, just 2 finals left to go. As a result I wanted to let you all know my plans for this summer including my blog. This summer I will be posting on my blog 5 days a week. Each post will be about a different category as marked on the top of my blog either My Life, My Tips, My Style, or My Inspiration. They all will be posted on the main blog page(My Life) and under their respected category. Beginning next week this will be the posting schedule:
-Monday: My Style-Fashion Post
-Tuesday: My Life- Bachelorette Recap, once that is over it will be life updates or reflections or other exciting moments in my life(my birthday, college acceptances, vacations)
-Wednesday: My Style- Fashion Post
-Thursday: My Inspiration- An inspiring quote with how to apply it to your everyday life
-Friday: My Tips- Tips about school(AP Classes, SAT, clubs) or life in general

I'm very excited for this new change and am excited to start seriously developing my blog. I hope you guys will remain readers and connect with me on this journey. I will be posting this week, but It will not be on that schedule as it will have no style posts as my sister takes my photos and she is very busy with school this week. But this week I will be beginning my Bachelorette recap series which I am very excited about, because I'm a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, so get excited for that tomorrow! Wednesday I plan on posting a junior year reflection post, Thursday I will post a memorial day packing guide for the lake, and Friday I will post on my inspiration.

This summer I hope to get a job; I will update you all on that soon. I also will be spending time at my grandparents lake house with my family. I will be applying to my top choice university, working on summer projects, and getting things ready for clubs that I have leadership roles in. I love having a busy life an I can't wait to share every moment of it with all of you!

Thanks for reading,