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Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 1 Weekly recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever Bachelorette Recap! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here. 

Eep let the madness begin! The first thing that I notice instantly is that Chris Harrison says that everyone is divided; yeah right bachelor producers wanted Britt and the world wanted Kaitlin, so they had to settle with this to get the best of both worlds. We see Britt and Kaitlin's intro videos about how sad they are that Chris broke up with them. Britt fell way to hard and used her emotions WAY to much, but she doesn't seem to be able to control them. Kaitlin on the other hand is the COMPLETE opposite; I've never been a fan of Kaitlin's sense of humor, but I guess most people would prefer humor over an uncontrollable out pouring of tears.

In terms of fashion I LOVE Kaitlin's dress, navy + sparkles=dying. On the other hand I think Britt looks like she's going to prom.I'm not a fan of her dress. You can already begin to see/feel the tension between the two. Kaitlin does not seem to like Britt.

Now for the guys intro videos, yay! Honestly this is the most boring part yet, I would rather see this later when I know who the guys are more, not when they are all strange and nameless. Except for Shawn B. no one can forget Shawn B. So man #1 is Jonathan, he thinks work is fun-uh what planet is he from. He has a kid, shocker, someone always has a kid. He wants Britt. Man #2 is southern charm man, Joe. He with his thick southern accent wants Kaitlin. Man #3 is Josh, the supper tatted, male stripper, that wants to be a lawyer. WHAT??  Man #4 is Brady, the oh so cutesy, figurative, singer type. The perfect cheesy mushy gushy match for Britt. Man #5 is Joshua, he's from Idaho(reminiscing about Chris), he says he has no options at home. He came for Kaitlin. He's the typical country boy, gosh so many country boys on this season. Man #6 is Ian, the typical Cali boy, that went to Princeton? He's a gold medalist and survived being hit by a car. And now I ask why the heck is he on this show!?! Man #7  is Jared, otherwise known as love man. He came for Kaitlin and he knows what he wants. Man #8 is Tony, the medication guy that talks to plants. How can this guy not be on drugs! Man #9, the final one, is Ben Z a total jock, but with a soft spot with tragic story of loosing his mom; he really just wants to make her proud. He wants Kaitlin. It appears Kaitlin is favored, shocker.

There is a dramatic two limo entrance as they both awkwardly and nervously giggle. Britt is very confident seeming, but she probably shouldn't be quite so confident. The awkwardness of how close they are together is incredible. They can hear one anther's conversations. Now for the limo entrances:
-1st: Ben H-He goes straight to Kaitlin, but instantly connects with Britt as they both sponsor children. He seems to have a more powerful connection with Britt.
-2nd: Jonathan to me seemed a bit creep; you could also tell that he really liked Britt. This made things awkward for Kaitlin.
-3rd: Clint instantly heads to Britt, they compliment each others smiles. BORING
-4th: Ryan B heads straight to Britt and his entrance didn't seem memorable.
-Kaitlin at this time becomes very jealous and nervous and she realizes how much she truly wants to be the Bachelorette.
-5: Jared-It doesn't shows who he goes to first just that he is the love man and he explains what that means. 
-6: Kupah- Goes to Britt first and he really likes her. 
-Kaitlin is very upset, because all the guys seem to be focused on Britt.
-7: Brady goes straight to Britt with no hesitation. 
-8: Cory S goes to Kaitlin, yay finally someone an instant boost for her!
-Kaitlin is just so nervous, so she is not making as good an impression.
-9: Ian-He goes straight to Kaitlin and says he came there for her. Things are looking up for her!
-10: JJ-Goes to Kaitlin with the joke that he would love to puck her. Their personalities seem to really match and they connect.
-11: Ryan M- He goes to Kaitlin and he's obsessed with her. Weird, he already seems off just wait for what's to come. 
-12: Brad- He goes to both. Boring... but safe. 
-13: Daniel- Goes to Kaitlin, wow so many Kaitlin's in a row- you know this is not how they actually came out.
-14: Josh-He really wen to both; he's a male stripper and both are weirded out. Kaitlin says Britt can keep him.
-15: Joe- Ha ha the cute country boy went to Kaitlin and brought her Moonshine. Ha ha
-16: Justin- He went to Kaitlin and brought her balloons. It's so cute, but he brought nothing for Britt-awkward.  
-Britt is getting really jealous, because Kaitlin is getting gifts and she's not and magically the next guy out of the limo brings her a gift. Thank the Bachelor Gods!
-17: Tanner goes to Britt brings her Tissues. I thought it was sweet, but Britt does not take it that way at all. 
-18: Shawn B- He goes for the safe group hug, bu then goes to Kaitlin and tells her how he came for her. (funny how that works out)
-Kaitlin runs into the house, because she wants to be with the guys. I think she's a smart girl by doing that. Britt doesn't agree and begins to pout about how it is not fair. 
-19: David- He goes to Kaitlin. Wow we really see the return of Kaitlin lovers don't we. 
-20: Corey- He goes confidently to Kaitlin and asks if the offer to plow her field is still available. Ha ha funny show you watched her season, shows you really know about her. 
-21: Tony- He goes to Britt and tells her about how he is taking a risk by coming her. Um aren't they all taking a risk. 
-Ryan has drank WAY too much. He makes fun of the next guy; he is NOT at all being classy. 
-22: Shawn E- He comes in a hot tub car, kinda strange. He's worried about people peeing in the hot tub, is he with a bunch of kindergartners. He goes to Kaitlin
-23: Chris: He comes in a cupcake car, because he's a dentist. What? He goes to Kaitlin. Both say it is really cute, but I think they are fibbing. 
-24: Joshua: He goes to Kaitlin
-All these guys going to Kaitlin really boosts her attitudes and makes her feel confident. 
-25: Ben Z- He goes to Britt
-Britt REALLY wants a husband, and I think that is where her and Kaitlin differ. She is very serious and knows what she wants, while Kaitlin just seems to be having fun and not being quite so serious. 

TOTALS: Britt: 9, Kaitlin: 13 
And now we see why Kaitlin wins. 

Time to go talk:
Kaitlin tells a Joke, Britt doesn't like her for doing it. Britt wants to be serious and formal and she begins to doubt Kaitlin's seriousness. Um we all are, Kaitlin doesn't seem to be that serious. I think that may explain her ending or maybe that's just hindsight bias. 
I didn't know who any of the guys were when the were talking to the girls, so instead I just made a list of funny things that were said. 
-Some guy wanted a dual wedding in Utah. 
-The one guy plays the dad card. There is ALWAYS that guy.
-Personal thought: Shawn B=so attractive.
-Chris Harrison on a triceratops? Weird, but definitely memorable. 
-Creepy medicine guy does not listen to Chris Harrison-feels the pulsation of Britt's Box. He's just very strange. 
-Still feel like most people are pro Kaitlin, despite the show trying to show both and make it look so close. 
-Then Ryan M and hot tub guy almost fight, but in reality nothing happens. 
-Ryan M is completely drunk-swimming in the pool, being disrespectful to the girls.
-He is asked to leave by Chris Harrison. 
-We get one exciting part of this whole show: One elimination: Ryan M
-All the guys trying to decide who to vote for.

Chris Harrison and his box protector friend go and count the roses in each box and the show ends with nothing but a giant cliff hanger! Well I guess the Bachelorette will eat up another one of my nights. Overall, the first episode was a bit to fast paced, you couldn't really get to know anyone. I like it better with just one lead; way less chaos. But this season should be very interesting.

Let me know what you thought!
Thanks for reading, 

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