Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Junior Year Reflection

I'm almost to the end of my Junior Year of high school, so I thought I would right this post as a reflection of what I have learned. I had a great year and am very excited for Senior Year and preparing for the next phase of life.

1) I found my passion. I always one of those people that was involved in my school, but really had no passion for any of it. This year I took a leadership role in my school's Key Club and it changed my life. I fell in love with community service and I realized that it is the thing that brings me so much joy. I am involved in 2 other community service clubs at my school as well, which I will be taking leadership roles in next year. I just feel so lucky to finally find who I am.

2) I found my dream college. My new found passion lead me to my dream college, Wake Forest University. A place which just as much passion for community service as I have. I went there and before I even went on a tour; I just new this was the place I wanted to be. Obviously, once I went on the tour my love grew even more, as I discovered how truly of a great fit this school really is for me.

3) I found my career interest. I took AP U.S. History this year and fell in love with the class. I loved learning the ins and outs of presidents and the country. I have known since middle school, that I want to be a lawyer. This class really inspired me to want to become a political science major and history minor. Even though I know my ideas for my future may change, it is settling to know what your interests are and have a plan to pursue them.
4)  I found my sister. I got a lot closer to my sister this year. I drove her home from school almost every day this year, and just that extra time together really allowed us to bond and connect more than we had before. We had fun together without fighting and cattiness. I realized I need to treasure every moment with her before I go off to college. Even though I know we will always be close; I know that once I leave things will be different. I want to be there to see my sister grow into a great person.

5) I found the truth. I realized everything truly does happen for a reason. You should work as hard as you can on everything, because you will find success. Your success may not be where you expect it; it may come in a completely different form, but what's meant to be will always happen. When you get denied from something, you pick yourself back up and work your butt off and you will be greeted with an even better result.
Most importantly I found happiness this year. I learned what it means to work hard and do the things I love. I learned not everything will be perfect, but it will be exactly what you need. This year gave me the determination to work hard toward my dreams and becoming the best version of myself that I can. 

Thanks for reading,
Ashley Fountain

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