Monday, May 18, 2015

What to Expect from my Blog this Summer

Hi everyone! I am almost done with my Junior year of high school, just 2 finals left to go. As a result I wanted to let you all know my plans for this summer including my blog. This summer I will be posting on my blog 5 days a week. Each post will be about a different category as marked on the top of my blog either My Life, My Tips, My Style, or My Inspiration. They all will be posted on the main blog page(My Life) and under their respected category. Beginning next week this will be the posting schedule:
-Monday: My Style-Fashion Post
-Tuesday: My Life- Bachelorette Recap, once that is over it will be life updates or reflections or other exciting moments in my life(my birthday, college acceptances, vacations)
-Wednesday: My Style- Fashion Post
-Thursday: My Inspiration- An inspiring quote with how to apply it to your everyday life
-Friday: My Tips- Tips about school(AP Classes, SAT, clubs) or life in general

I'm very excited for this new change and am excited to start seriously developing my blog. I hope you guys will remain readers and connect with me on this journey. I will be posting this week, but It will not be on that schedule as it will have no style posts as my sister takes my photos and she is very busy with school this week. But this week I will be beginning my Bachelorette recap series which I am very excited about, because I'm a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, so get excited for that tomorrow! Wednesday I plan on posting a junior year reflection post, Thursday I will post a memorial day packing guide for the lake, and Friday I will post on my inspiration.

This summer I hope to get a job; I will update you all on that soon. I also will be spending time at my grandparents lake house with my family. I will be applying to my top choice university, working on summer projects, and getting things ready for clubs that I have leadership roles in. I love having a busy life an I can't wait to share every moment of it with all of you!

Thanks for reading,

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