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Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 4 Weekly recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever series of Bachelorette Recaps! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here. 

If you like this recap, you can read my first episode recap here. I didn't recap the second episode, but you can read my third episode recap here. Though I know what happens in rose ceremonies and the ending, the funny and dramatic things that occur within the episodes make it worth watching. I'm excited, because this season seems to be full of drama. I think choosing Kaitlin as Bachelorette was a good idea, though she could end up as the girl version of Juan Pablo. 

End of the Cocktail Party and the Rose Ceremony:
The episode comes back with Kupah causing commotion, but despite him acting so ignorant, I love the way Kaitlin handled him and the whole situation. But dear lord they held out on the rose ceremony for a whole week and then they still don't put it before the first commercial break. Cupcake Chris is so cute, I love how nervous he is of course your going to get a rose. Also, I think Tony should just go home to his Bonsai trees. I didn't realize how nice Cory seemed until he got eliminated.
Eliminations: Daniel and Cory

Group Date #1: Sumo Wrestling
Why did the sumo wrestlers ride in on bikes? Is that like a thing. 
Also, why is the date at the mansion? Isn't that kind of unfair, that all the guys get to watch. On another note I love Joe's accent. I'm happy because Shawn is getting scream time, finally! Why all these fighting dates?

Tony seems to be very fired up about this, he thinks he can take down these jumbo guys, but he's not. He is so excited to fight them. Then he gets all upset, like I hate fighting, there should be no fighting in a relationship. I get so confused, because wasn't Tony just excited about this date a couple of minutes ago. Tony talks to Kaitlin and JJ decides to but in like always. JJ begins to dig his own grave at this moment. The guys just seem to be pros at digging their own graves on this season. I'm really curious as to why Tony thinks he has so much to offer her. I guess he could give her a bonsai tree or something. Also, why does he have a weird twitchy man boob.

And of course they are going to fight each other now. What a shock; I think this is this seasons new thing. Again is biking like a sumo wrestler thing, because I don't think it is. I think the show just had some random bikes and needed a way to incorporate them. Now Kaitlin's going to fight and she 'wins'. I never noticed until now, but JJ's tattoo is really ugly. I love how Joe really showed JJ by taking him down. I'm also kinda starting to hate Clint right now. The fighting ends and there is no reigning champ...sadly.
But there is one happy thing! Tony is leaving. Tony keeps smelling his flower akwardly in the field, because it reminds him of his bonsai trees he had to leave. His outfit kind of makes him look homeless. Now he's gone so no more Tony to deal with. 

I love Cupcake Chris asserting himself. Clint wants everything to be about him, but she has more guys here than just you, stop thinking everything is about you. Kaitlin says all these nice things about JJ, why can't she see the true side to him. I also love Shawn, but I'm sure that is obvious. Shawn is killing it with getting the roses. First impression rose and the group date rose, impressive. They are so cute together! Clint is another guy that is digging a hole for himself now.

1 on 1: Escape Games
First of all this is the worst nightmare date we have every season where the producers take advantage of people's fears. I guess theu had to say Chris Harrison had to plan the date, because Kaitlin would never plan a date like this for herself. This date really made me like Ben Z, but oh my gosh I like too many of the guys. My initial thought was that this date would be very cool, but I have to say I did not like it very much. It was much to creepy. We discover Kaitlin's biggest fear is birds, then why does she have all those bird tattoos. They finally go in. They start looking for clues and they see Britt's face, which is kind of weird. This is litterally all my worst fears combined in one. We also discover Ben's fear, snakes. They did it despite how terrifying it is. Then they kids in the creepy warehouse. I always forget Ben has the saddest story ever and because of it he can't show his emotions. You can tell underneath he's a giant softy. His tattoo though is kind of gross. He gets the rose, and he really deserved it.

Clint & JJ Bromance:
At the same time Clint and JJ form an extreme bromance. They become like best buds forever, but who really cares because neither last long and both are butholes. No one cares about you entitled pests.

Group Date #2: Sex-ed
This date is very weird. The kids are actors, who can't wait to ask a billion questions even though they didn't seem very happy about it. The guys are funny, but the kid's questions are hilarious. Ben H. I like him. I like him a lot. I think he kind of came out of nowhere, but will be around a while. The roof top is so romantic, I love it. I dont get why she love Jared so much. Jared just seems so annoying. Yay, she didnt give the rose to grosso jared. She picked the right guy, Ben H.

Cocktail Party:
Kaitlin says she knows there is lots of friction in the house. What friction? JJ and Clint? Clint talks to her first. He redeems himself in her eyes but then confesses, he doesn't think she is the best girl for him and only wants to say to be with JJ. I really want Clint gone, he's driving me nuts. JJ and Clint are both self absorbed only caring about themselves and I don't think that will lead them to be very succesful on this show. She's asking all the guys about the issue and everyone seems scared of JJ and Clint. Thank you Joshua for actually saying something. Goodbye Clint.

Eliminations: Tony and Clint(almost)

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