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Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 5 Weekly recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever series of Bachelorette Recaps! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here. 

If you like this recap, you can read all of my other recaps: first episodethird episode, fourth episode. Though I know what happens in rose ceremonies and the ending, the funny and dramatic things that occur within the episodes make it worth watching. I'm excited, because this season seems to be full of drama. I think choosing Kaitlin as Bachelorette was a good idea, though she could end up as the girl version of Juan Pablo. 

Cocktail Party:
We are back with the ending of the cocktail party and the tension with Clint. You would think Clint would learn not to mess with Kaitlin, but I guess not. On another note, who the heck is Corey and why did he just randomly pop in? Clint can't even talk about Kaitlin; he only knows about JJ. Clint is full of poop and this is going to backfire for him. He is digging his grave as many before him have. Kaitlin will not buy his dumbness. I'm honestly just waiting to see JJ slap himself. YAY Kaitlin is sending Clint home, BYE Clint. JJ's turning his back on Clint, wow really keeping the bromance alive. I hate JJ even more now, I didn't even know that was possible. Who turns on their best friend, that's just a really bad move. At least JJ can blame only himself for this, he punished himself. But why won't she send JJ home? He is just as bad if not worse than Clint. No rose ceremony, I feel like I haven't even seen a rose ceremony hardly at all this season. Why all of a sudden is Corey getting all this air time? Yay they are heading to New York, I'm totally jealous. JJ is sad per usual, because him and Clint really wanted to go to New York, it was their dream. 

New York:
How many stinken times are we going to here that NYC is the perfect place to fall in love. On this show anywhere would be a perfect place to fall in love for all of these guys. YESSS Shawn B. On the other hand, JJ why are you still here. Group date and all I have to say is why isn't Shawn getting a one on one???? Very clever Bachelorette producers, Kaitlin says it's smooth sailing and she's on a boat.

Group Date 1- Rap Battle:
This date has a special guest and it pins the guys against each other what a shocker. I feel like every date is the EXACT same. Half these guys don't even know who this rapper is. Shawn is my kind of guy, I agree country is best. Is this their way of creating drama, they make guys say mean things to one another. This is Kaitlin's ideal date, she loves it! JJ says he listens to Broadway show tunes what?? I hope he is kidding. I SEE NICK!! Yes this show is finally getting interesting. The battle is hilarious because no one can rap. I do think some of the raps were very clever. The best part was when JJ got booed.In her interview about Nick, you can tell she LOVES him already. I have not seen her as happy the entire show as she was when she saw Nick. She has to think about it, what?? She knows she wants him on the show. Yes Shawn B. get it; he's the best. All these guys have no idea why she's upset and they just have to sit their awkwardly. You can tell once she said it was Nick, that all the guys were like oh great. No one wants Nick on the show. Shawn B. you got it right; she should be confident and end up with you. Kaitlin you ruined the whole stinking mood of the date. Justin, way to be supportive and tell her exactly what she wants to hear. Easy simple way to get the rose, I guess you learn to play the game. This whole date was just worthless, but I did love hearing Tanner rant about how he hates Nick. It was the most air time he has gotten, so way to go Tanner.

Nick Fiasco and at the Hotel:
She kissed him. Kaitlin why do you want Nick when you have Shawn, Ben H, and Cupcake Chris. They are like 5 million times better. It's not right Nick, what you are doing is not right. She kissed him, does she really need to sleep on it, she knows what she wants. She just doesn't want to look like a complete jerk. Tanner yes- there should be no respect for Nick. Of all people, Ashley S. is her hair stylist, what even is going on. All these people from past seasons being here makes you realize how perfectly planned this really was. This part wasn't so planned, because at the meeting with Nick, her hair is not done. This whole thing must be out of order per usual thanks to the editor's great splicing and dicing. Nick is soo happy and sappy. I'm 90% sure he's just here for fame. She's kissing him again. Nick has gotten more time than most of the guys that have been here the whole time. She lets Nick on, shocker. 

In other news, Jared gets a one on one what..WHY?? I just don't get this show at all. All the guys in the hotel are thinking that they should revolt and I couldn't agree more. But really can we talk about something besides Nick for a few minutes. 

One on One with Jared- Dinner at the Met and Helicopter Ride:

I have to admit having the Met to themselves is pretty cool. This is a really great date, it vaguely reminds me of the Cinderella date from Chris Soules season, but way less cheesy without all the movie promo. On the other hand I wish it was not Jared on this date. I'm not surprised that all she can think about is Nick; she seems to have a one track mind. Kaitlin likes people that tell her shes right about Nick coming on. I hate Jared's beard; it just seems scraggly in my opinion, but the poem he wrote her melted my heart. Jared's poem was so sappy, but sooo adorable. After that of course he gets the rose. He has a super cheesy type of romantic energy. But really of course anyone can see them selves ending up with the person when they are all dressed up in a helicopter flying over New York. He could feel romantic chemistry with a rock in those conditions. The helicopter ride is very cool. I would love this date if it was Shawn or Ben H. in place of Jared, that would have made this otherwise crummy episode. 

Group date 2-Aladdin Musical:

So there is another group date. Initially I thought this date was dumb, but I just really didn't understand it. In the end I thought it was a really cool and interesting thing to do. Of course what is a group date with out a few special guests. They keep talking about how it is the most romantic musical and they are in the most romantic city. Love, love, love...puke. The guys have to do a Broadway audition. They have to sing, dance, and act. I don't think any of the guys are capable of doing any of those things. The dancing routine is so stereotypical Broadway. JAZZ HANDS! I thought Chris looked very determined throughout this; he really wanted the date. It was kind of a different more competitive side to him. Their dancing as a whole was hilarious. The thing where they got to jump out of the stage seemed really fun. Now they have to sing: Joe can't sing to save his life, Ian can actually sing but is way to serious about it, Ben H is perfect, and Chris is just really over dramatic. Chris knew the song the best out of all the guys probably because he sings it in his car and shower. Maybe him and JJ should talk about their favorite show tunes later. One of the guys will get to continue the date and the rest will have to go hang out with Nick. Chris gets the date. YAY, I love when someone deserving and genuine gets it. It is an awesome experience that they get to be on Broadway. I personally think they look cute together. Some how this is the perfect date for both of them; I think deep down they are both obsessed with Disney princesses. I really learned to love this date. The shows over and they go up to the top of this building with the perfect view of NYC. On that building happens to be the New Years ball. It's a really special moment for them up there. Chris gets the rose!

Final Nick Moments:
Nick prepares to be hated by all the guys once again. He has a super awkward elevator moment, where the elevator man is totally judging him. He walks in the door to the room and the episode ends! Of course, they can't actually let us see the end of an episode at the end of the episode. 

Britt and Brady:

Yet again all Brit and Brady get are the ending credits; Bachelor people please give them more. You can tell that they are showing real steps in their relationship probably building up to a proposal at the After the Final Rose. They seem happy. 

Eliminated: Clint

Tips for the Bachelorette People: 
To me I hated this episode, I get Nick is coming back and it's this huge deal, but seriously. The dates were constantly interrupted with Nick this and Nick that. I thought this show was about Kaitlin finding love; it is not about Nick finding love.Also, please stop pushing the rose ceremony to the following week it ruins the continuity of the story line. This whole season has seemed very choppy.

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