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Bachelorette Season 11, Episode 6 Weekly Recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever series of Bachelorette Recaps! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here. 

If you like this recap, you can read all of my other recaps: first episodethird episodefourth episode, fifth episodeThough I know what happens in rose ceremonies and the ending, the funny and dramatic things that occur within the episodes make it worth watching. I'm excited, because this season seems to be full of drama. I think choosing Kaitlin as Bachelorette was a good idea, though she could end up as the girl version of Juan Pablo. 

Nick Moving in:

The show starts of with Nick entering the room to all the guys huddled on the couch. It's really awkwardly quiet and of course he's completely unwelcome, but Nick thrives in these situations. He loves drama and conflict. Tanner of course starts running his mouth spitting out all these random Bachelor facts as if it is no big deal. I'm just thinking the whole time, Tanner why do you know so much about the Bachelor??? Joshua Starts asking weird questions; he asks if Kaitlin is cool or amazing to Nick. What the heck? Come on guys cut Nick a little bit of slack. But really last weeks whole episode was about Nick can we please move on. Yes we get it Nick you are never here to make friends and you don't care if people like you. That's good because no one will like you. Shawn I understand why you are angry, because honestly none of the guys that have a real connection with Kaitlin are happy to see Nick.

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony:
They are at Citi Field and I have to say that they really went to some cool places in New York. I thought they did a very good job with the locations. I almost forgot about JJ and then all of a sudden he pulls her out onto the field and carries her around the bases. At one point I could of sworn he was going to drop her, but very smooth move JJ. I applaud you for that. You can tell Kaitlin still wants to talk about Nick, but none of the guys really want to dwell on it any longer. Except Tanner who is bugged by Nick. Probably for a very good reason. Corey pipes in that they should stop talking about Nick. Hallelujah thank you Corey!! Shawn is really bothered and you can tell he is putting his guard back up. All I have to say is Shawn don't leave, you are one of the three quality guys on this show, we need you. Obviously he doesn't leave, but I love how normal his emotions are. Shawn is one of the greatest parts of this show. The rose ceremony is about to begin it's frigid outside and all the guys are tense about Nick. The first rose goes to Ben H, great pick Kaitlin. Why'd they decide to have an out door date at this time of year, really. Why is JJ still here?? It's like all of a sudden Nick shows up and his villain card is revoked.  Joshua is almost too jealous and nervous about Nick. She really should speed this along, you can tell it's freezing. And Nick gets the final rose. This is obvious, no real shocker there, we saw their connection. Did people really think he wouldn't get it? None of the guys that are eliminated are very notable. They find out they get to escape this cold and go to Texas! 

In the Hotel:
It's a very cool hotel that they are in. Tanner will not shut up about Nick. He''s almost trying to stir up drama. On the other hand, Ben gets the one on one date. Yay some decency on this show, thank you! Literally no one seems to want to hear Nick's opinion or his voice. He's really in a bad position. Then it pans to 1 of 2 shots of cupcake from this episode. It's sad I almost forgot about him and he's one of my favorites. The group date comes and most guys names are called and it's between Nick and Shawn. Nick's smirking like he's going to get a one on one, but YAY Shawn gets the date and all order in the bachelor universe is restored sort of. 

1 on 1 date: Ben H- Dancing
My first question is why does Kaitlin always drive? If I were her I would want my guy to drive me around. Ben H. is so cute and I'm so glad she picked him for a one on one. They drive up in their truck in their country apparel for a 2 step contest. Their instructor is a 2 step world champion, which lead me to my second question: there's a 2 step world championship?? But of course we have to add some type of competition factor into this date it's kind of a requirement. All I can think is how quickly Kaitlin turned from California Boho to New York Chic to country so quickly. Oh yeah she has a personal stylist and an unlimited budget. Of course they have to add in the elders advice. Just makes it seem so much more real. Ben and Kaitlin really are cute together. They dance around, but get out the second round. I just love Ben soo much, he has slowly become my favorite. He so genuine, but also very eloquent, because he knows how to articulate his words. He opens up at dinner, because she kind of forces him. But yay he gets the rose, but I'm left with the feeling that maybe Ben is too good for her. 

Group Date: Mariachi
Ten guys go on this date where they have to write and sing Mariachi songs for Kaitlin. It is a super cute idea, but I'm just hoping that these guys get over having Nick here. That would be great. Of course Kaitlin is rocking the cowboy boots and denim dress, the stereotypical "country" look. Everyone is very nervous, but Joe's shaking although he finds a cute joke to use. Ian the "singer", who keeps saying he can sing, but never follows through. Joshua will not stop talking about Nick for some reason it is really, really bothering him. Without much time at all they are forced to perform. Nick just proves his point that he loves any attention he gets ridiculous or not. JJ seems weirdly normal since Clint left. Joe wins her over with his charm and you have got to love the country boy.  Ian again says that he can sing when he really can't. He makes a fool of himself. I feel like every season people have to write songs of some caliber, so I'm not really shocked by this date. Way to go Nick on making an impression, guys are angry because they didn't think of it. Nick had a super cute song honestly, he really impressed me. Joshua gets extremely upset by this. Then at the night portion of the date he asks Kaitlin if she is a barber? What no?? He then tells her to give him a haircut and honestly it is the weirdest idea, but at least it is memorable. Then all of a sudden they cut to Nick and Kaitlin making out. I don't care if they do it just give me some warning, please. Joshua is really prying and picking at an innocent Nick. Joshua is digging a grave and laying in it. Kaitlin honestly has to deal with so much pressure and drama every single week. It is actually ridiculous. Joshua's in his own world doing his own thing causing extreme drama. He lies to the guys and it's just not pretty. Nick gets the rose, which only makes it worse for Joshua. But finally this horrible date is over. I'm honestly surprised, Nick really hasn't been that bad yet. I now there is drama to come. 

1 on 1: Shawn-Kayaking

Kayaking is not what I would consider a really romantic date. I think the producers honestly just wanted a date where Shawn could be shirtless. Finally another date without drama. Though Shawn does stand up for Joshua, which I think is a very stand up thing to do. Once the are done paddling around, Shawn tells the most perfect sad story, which makes Kaitlin begin to appreciate him more. It also fulfills his requirement of opening up. Shawn finally begins to put the walls down again. He says it plain and simple, that he is falling in love with her. She says that she feels the same way. Also while they were talking he called her ma'am, which is like a total swoon for me. He gets the rose. The paddle out to the middle of the lake in a canoe and watch fireworks. I think she should just stop the show and choose Shawn they are perfect together.

Cocktail Party:
Ian is instantly acting too confident and cocky, which means he will not last very long. I liked him originally but now I am ready for him to get out. You can tell he came on with intentions to be the next Bachelor it's obvious he's been building his story this whole time. On another note Kaitlin takes Jared to her room for the second week in a row. Why Jared?? Out of all the guys why Jared for this special moment. Jared says he's falling in love, but we all know what he's falling in love with is this franchise. See you in paradise Jared. Joe and her are super cute together, but I doubt super cute will last long. I get one final glimpse at Chris that leaves me wondering why did cupcake get no air time? We end with Ian steeling her away and a to be continued per usual. 

Eliminated: Corey, Jonathan, and Ryan 
-About to be eliminated Joshua & Ian 

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