Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's my Birthday!

My birthday was yesterday, June 3rd, and I thought it would be so much fun to share some of the highlights of the day! I had a great day spent with my family, good food, and a few gifts.

Outfit: I wanted to wear a simple yet fun outfit for my birthday and this is what I chose!

Necklace: Etsy
Shoes: Jack Rogers

Family: I had a great day with my parents, my sister, and my grandparents!

Food: I got all my favorite foods today!
My favorite types of donuts.

Ice cream Cake!

Gifts: I'm so thankful for everything I got. You can look forward to a lot of the clothes in upcoming fashion posts!
Such cute wrapping!

Daniel Wellington Watch: I've been wanting one of these watches forever. I love how dainty and classic they are. 

Jadelyn Brooke T-shirt: I think this shirt is just so cute! I love the color and the saying is perfect.

J.Crew Factory Dress: I love the color of this dress. It's a great dress, because you can dress it up or down. 

Old Navy Twill Shorts: I love the print of these shorts. They will be the perfect statement piece this summer.

J.Crew Factory Tee: I've recently discovered the greatness of these J.Crew Factory Tees. They are so soft and look great paired casually with colored chino shorts.

J.Crew Factory Navy Chino Shorts: I have been needing a pair of navy chino shorts. They will look perfect paired with bright and fun summer colors. 

J.Crew Factory Cardigan: I've been wanting a simple, light weight sweater for chilly summer days! This one is perfect!

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