Friday, June 19, 2015

Passion in your Eyes
I love discovering someone's passions and learning about it whole heartedly. I love discovering my own passions. I love that moment where you can honestly see the look in the eye of the person across from you and know it's filled with nothing but love and admiration for their subject. They could go on and on about it for days with no reservations at all. It's amazing. This characteristic is the key indicator for finally knowing that you found something that you love. People will notice it; they will always notice it, because it becomes the most beautiful part of the person. You will see love pour out of their eyes straight from their soul. It's powerful and incredible. It makes you realize how much of a difference people are capable of making. Passion is power and if people use this power to their greatest advantage, it's amazing what can come from it. Don't ever hold your passions back; let them pour out of you like a water fall. Tell everyone about it, because you never know who that person is and where they can help you go with it. Passions will lead you to a happy future.

An update for Friday posts, I don't think these quote posts are my strongest, most helpful, or relatable posts and they don't exactly fit my interests. I still love quotes, but instead of this full on quote post where I write this whole explanation I will just put a picture of my favorite quote on my inspiration page every Friday. Then on Fridays for my main post I will post either a lifestyle, fashion, tips and tricks, or maybe even a video post, whatever I feel is fitting for that week. It will give me more freedom for my blog.  

Another suprise this week is that I will have 2 bonus posts on Saturday and Sunday! So come back on those days for some fun posts.

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