Friday, June 12, 2015

Positivity is Key
This quote in it's simplicity is very powerful. It really aims to show you that in the darkest and most negative times that you need to search for the glimmer of positivity and follow it. When you follow the positivity you will not be led astray. There is always a positive aspect of every situation. When you find that positive mindset you will not sweat the small stuff and realize how rewarding the situation really is. I will admit I have a problem with this; it is really hard for me to constantly think positively about situations. I am always drawn to making a situation negative when something goes wrong, instead of making it better. This as a result has had a huge impact on me, because it makes my life not as fulfilling. When you look at everything in a positive light I find that everything you do becomes more powerful and worthwhile. Through my struggles with this, I have discovered the true importance of it. In any situation, find the good and follow it, because then you will make the most of each moment. In the end, you will look back on your life knowing that you made the most of every opportunity. 

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