Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tips for Getting Involved in School

I know I am already deviating from my blog schedule, but it is for a good reason I promise. My birthday is today and I wanted to do a birthday post with what I got and what I wore. I couldn't have that post ready for today, so it will be up tomorrow. Look out for the birthday fashion post tomorrow.

Today's post is all about being involved in your school. I have become very absorbed in multiple clubs(Key Club, Beta Club, National Honor Society, and Tennis). I'll be giving you tips on how to balance multiple clubs and really get the most out of being in the club.
1) Know when the club will be most active: Some clubs will be more active at certain points in the year. Such as Student Council is very busy at my school for the first 2 months of school leading up to homecoming and then the club isn't really active. So you want to get as many hours/points as you can during that period. Also, if you play a sport it is likely you won't be as active in the club during that season and should be as active at times before or after that season.

2) Go to as many activities as you can/ don't just meet the hour requirement: I always think it is very important to not just meet hour requirements for clubs and go above and beyond. I understand that you are involved in multiple clubs and it can be difficult to exceed expectations, but you should just try your best to go to as many things as you can. This will help you really build a connection and passion for the club.

3) Reach outside your comfort zone: There will be activities that you think you will not enjoy, but you should do it anyway and reach outside of your comfort zone. You never know what you will fall in love with and enjoy or it could be a life changing experience for you. Just go for it!

4) Try to get an officer position in your favorite club: I really believe in this, because it has been life changing for me. It allows you to really connect with the club on a much larger scale. It also teaches you vital leadership and personal skills. For me it has also helped me learn to work with others. Also, if it is something you are passionate about then you will love inspiring others through it.

5) Stay involved for multiple years: Build a connection with the club for many years. Even if you did not make the requirements the prior year, don't be afraid to try again the next year. Join every year and dedicate time to it, you won't regret it.

6) Don't be afraid to make suggestions: As a club leader, I love it when people give me tips and suggestions, because I love to know that I am planning things that people will enjoy. So suggest what interests you, because I'm sure your not the only one who would enjoy it. Leaders love suggestions, because we often run out of ideas, especially toward the end of the year.

7) Make friends with people in the club: Especially with people in different grades, it is so important to build friends with these people because they share your interests. I have built some of my best friendships through clubs. It will make you want to be more involved, because you love the people you are in the club with.

8) Get to know your sponsors: I think this is so important, especially if you are seeking a leadership position. Don't suck up to them and bring them gifts, but talk and get to know them. Sponsors usually want to be a part of clubs, so they can get to know more students. Usually teachers who sponsor clubs are pretty cool too.

9) Find an activity that you do in the club and continue it all year long: Don't stop following your passions even when the club does. If there is something you love to do continue it all year on summers and on breaks. For example, in a photography club you may do exercises for different types of photos during the school year, and over the summer you can explore more types of photos or continue to practice your favorites. Keep up with your passions.

10) Plan, plan, plan: Write everything down. Clubs always have tons of dates, and it is important that you remember when things are happening. You never want to sign up to do something, but then realize you are busy that day. Always put everything in your calendar, whether it's on your phone or in a physical planner.

Next weeks post will be my tips on being an officer in a club, which kind of ties into this post, so if that interests you than check out next weeks post on Thursday!

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