Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tips for Keeping your Desk Top Organized

I love organizing and today I wanted to show you how I organize my desk top. I did a post on how I organized my drawers, but I wanted to show you the rest of my desk. I'll show you some tips on effectively using your desk and also one of my favorite things on my computer!
Here's an overview of my desk.

My desk is from Amazon.

I keep my desk very simple and clean. 

Tip #1: Use a bulletin board. This will help you keep clutter off your desk and you can also put your favorite memories and inspiration to keep you inspired. My bulletin board is from Home Goods, but I changed the ribbon color to match my room.

Tip #2: Organize your papers. School papers, receipts, and certificates can over take your desk. You can prevent this from happening by getting one of these acrylic organizers from Amazon. All of your papers will be easy to find and it will save you tons of space on your desk. Plus if you add some bright colored folders it is really fun accent.

Tip #3: These super cute pencil cups help separate pens, pencils, and other supplies. These keep things organized and off of your desk! I made my cups with paint, sparkles, and mason jars from Hobby Lobby, but you could buy similar ones on Etsy.

Tip #4: Have a big dry erase calendar on my desk. It works well for overall organization of events in your life. It allows you to look at big events you have throughout the month and when they are. It helps keep you motivated to get things done. You can find a similar calendar on Amazon.

Tip #5: Keep a note pad on your desk. Whenever inspiration hits or you think of something you need to do you can write it down so you stay organized and inspired. This will keep you from forgetting things!

Tip #6: I use Evernote to organize any notes that I have. It helps keep them easily organized and you can access them on your computer or your phone. I plan my blog schedule and it has lots of very cool features to keep you organized.

Tip #7: Keep the clutter away. If you keep your desk clean and organized, you will be more likely to work there and be more productive there. Make your desk an inspirational place to work!

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