Friday, June 5, 2015

True Passion
I'm a big believer in passion. You should focus on the things that you love the most and follow them. They are a big part of your journey of self discovery; it is all about finding the things that you could do for hours and still never have enough. Then it is up to you to build your career and your life around those passions. For me I have found I love many things: fashion, community service, and history. Those things are the passions I have discovered in school and throughout my life thus far. I practice them and pursue them as the most important things in my life every single day. I pursue fashion through this blog; it makes me try new things with my outfits and gives me a way to share them. Community service, I pursue through volunteering in clubs and on my own. My love of community service and history has led me to find the career path of being a lawyer. I want to help others, and being a lawyer gives me a chance to study history in college which I really love. I think it this important, because having your eyes set on some distinct goals, tends to allow everything else going on in your life to fall into place. The things you really love will lead you to what you are meant to have: jobs, colleges, activities, friends. I see this working in my life. It's easy to find colleges to fit my interests and things I want to do are plentiful. Everyone has passions, sometimes they may be difficult to uncover, but when you do and when you follow them, you are guaranteed success. Don't ever be afraid to follow what you love, because you never know where it will lead you. 

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