Friday, July 31, 2015

Back to School Supplies Haul

I thought it would be fun to share with you all what school supplies I purchased for this year. This is not everything that I bring to school as I already have some things(paper, highlighters, calculator, etc.) from prior years. I purchased everything from Target, Staples, or Etsy.
The first thing I bought and the thing I'm most excited about is my Plum Paper Student Planner from Etsy! Tomorrow I will have a post all about the details of the Plum Paper Planner as well as how I keep my planner organized, so check that out then. 

I also decided to use notebooks for some of my classes this year; using notebooks works well in history classes or any other classes where you are taking notes all the time and don't have many worksheets. I got the Five Star notebooks from Staples and the monogram stickers are from Cuttin Crazy on Etsy.

For my Spanish, Math, and Lit classes I will use binders. I put some college ruled paper and dividers in my binders for organization. I got the Avery 1 inch binders from Target, and I love all the fun color choices. 

My favorite type of pencils are the Ticonderoga pencils; they last a long time and they have the best erasers. They have lots of fun colored ones at Target too. 

My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 pens, I write in pen almost the whole day, so I need pens that write well and last a long time. These pens are perfect! I buy the Costco pack every semester of school and it seems to be the perfect amount!

Because I use pens all the time I always need white out, so I got these two cute ones from Target. I also from Target got some pencil cap erasers, because I have a habit of running down the erasers on my pencils.

I hope this post was interesting and helpful for all of you! I'm hoping to have a what's in my backpack post up in a week or so to showcase all my school supplies, but until then enjoy all of my other back to school posts: What's in my Purse: School Edition, Tips for Incoming Freshman, Back to School Shoe Picks, Perfect Back to School Outfit, and lots more to come!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's in my Purse: School Edition

Today I'm going to show you all what I keep in my purse for the average day of school. The purse I use is the Longchamp Small Le Pliage Shoulder Tote. I love this bag, because it has enough room for all of my school and personal necessities and it holds up really well.

What's in the Main Part of My Bag?
Agenda: Plum Paper Planner 2015 Student Planner
Pencil Pouch: Francesca's(Similar)
Wallet: Fossil Sydney Zip Phone Wallet
Book: How to Read Literature Like a Professor
Sweater: J.Crew Factory Clare Cardigan
Gum: Dentyne Ice Peppermint
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5
Phone Case: Etsy

What's in the Small Pocket?
Lip Balm: Chapstick
Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
Band Aid

What's in my Pencil Pouch?
Ticonderoga Pencils, Pilot G2 Pens, Sharpie Highlighters, BIC White Out, Colored Pens, Glue Stick, Flash Drive, Eraser Cap, Paper Clips, Binder Clips, and Sticky Notes

I hope this was interesting and helpful for all of you! Also, I hope you're enjoying my back to school series, and make sure to check out the other posts from this week for more helpful posts.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tips for Incoming High School Freshman

1. Don't be afraid to make new friends and loose old ones: Your high school is most likely going to be combination of many different middle school, so their will be new people to get to know. Based on the types of classes that you take, you will have certain people in your classes and may loose touch with others. You'll also join clubs and meet people with the same interests and values as you. But you will also loose friends, because people will change or you just will never see them and you'll loose touch. You have to accept this loss and move on with all of your great new friends.
2. Focus on your grades, they matter for college: Don't slack off freshman year, because you think colleges won't care about it. Trust me colleges care about every detail of every year. In my opinion you should absolutely try to do the best possible, because then later on when your looking at colleges you have as many options available as possible.
3. Get involved, try lots of different activities: Join lots of clubs, freshman year is your year to try them all out and then narrow down the things that you really love. Find where you feel that you fit in within your school, and find the people that you feel comfortable with. Always check your school's website for a full list of all the clubs and activities because their may be one that you have never heard of that totally catches your eye.
4. Don't be too nervous about getting lost: I promise you about this one the more you freak out about getting lost the more likely you are to actually get lost. I promise you once you get there it will be easier, but if your having difficulty jus ask a teacher and they'll be glad to help point you in the right direction. No one will ever mock you for it, because everyone is feeling nervous and anxious on the first day or two.
5. Upperclassman will not bully or be mean to you, so feel free to talk to them: I know there are preconceived notions that upperclassman will be mean to you, but that is just not the case. So if your in a club and you see a really cool senior, don't be afraid to talk to them and get to know them. They probably have a lot of cool insight and tips they can share and I promise they won't be annoyed with you and f you act mature enough they may not even notice your only a freshman. Making friends with them can also be good if you ever need a ride, because most of them can drive.

6. Get an agenda and make yourself accountable: This is one of what I think is the most important tip! You will not get a million reminders about assignments and club meeting so it is up to you to keep track of when everything is. A planner is by far the easiest way to do this, just make sure that you keep it up to date and check it often. If your curious how to organize your planner come back on Saturday for that post. If you have yet to get a planner you can check out my favorites here.
7. Start thinking about the future, but don't stress about it: Start thinking about what classes you love and what clubs interest you and use it to guide your future plans. Maybe you love your marketing class and the DECA club than you may want to consider exploring a career in marketing. The most important thing is that if you are still totally confused about what you want to do, don't stress because you have plenty more classes to explore and plenty of time before you ever have to decide.
8. Stay organized all year long, and find your system: Whether you want to use notebooks or binders find the way that you want to organize and stick with it. Don't just start shoving all your papers in the pockets, because when finals come around you will really regret it. I suggest organizing by each unit that you do in class using dividers. Take time  to really stay organized and I promise you will be thanking me later.
9. Be yourself, and don't conform to everyone else: Don't change your morals or your values just because a friend does. Be true to what you believe and what you want to do with your life. Don't feel bad if you want to do something different, because in the future you will be happy that you followed your heart and did what you wanted. This also applies to fashion, please don't ever loose your personal sense of style to follow everyone else's trends.
10. Do all the school sponsored activities: Go to anything and everything, such as homecoming and sporting events. These are the really fun things that will create ever lasting memories for you in your life. Plus these things will help you make some really great friends.

The most important thing is just to be confident in yourself and know that you will have a great year. If you have any questions or just want me to help calm your fears check out my links bellow and talk to me!

P.S. This post was supposed to go up tomorrow as the tips and trick Thursday post, but I wasn't quite done with what was supposed to be today's fashion post, so I just decided to swap the two days, so look out for a fashion post tomorrow!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bachelorette Season 11 Finale Weekly Recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever series of Bachelorette Recaps! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here.

If you like this recap, you can read all of my other recaps and Bachelorette themed posts: first episodethird episodefourth episodefifth episodesixth episodeseventh episodeMy Top 3Bachelor in Paradise Opinionstenth episode, Men Tell AllThough I know what happens in rose ceremonies and the ending, the funny and dramatic things that occur within the episodes make it worth watching. I'm excited, because this season seems to be full of drama. I think choosing Kaitlyn as Bachelorette was a good idea, though she could end up as the girl version of Juan Pablo.

We finally made it to the finale! Today's the day to see Kaitlyn pick Shawn, despite all of ABC's efforts to make us think that it is Nick. Keep reading to find out what I thought about the final 3 hours of Kaitlin's Bachelorette rein.
Preview and Introduction:

First initial opinion about the intro preview is that they are making it look like she picks no one, which they always do because they don't want you to be positive that she will get engaged to the second person out of the limo to create suspense. Obviously both Nick and Shawn love Kaitlin. They both believe that meeting Kaitlyn's family is very important. 

Kaitlyn Talking to her Family:
The one thing I noticed about her family is that they all had very exaggerated sighs as they talked to her. She tells them about Nick being there and her parents look thrilled, and by thrilled I mean petrified. Her mom understands the truth about Nick and what he is up to and she should be! 

Nick Meets Kaitlyn's Family:
Kaitlyn really values her families opinion, so she really wants to hear what they think about Nick. But if only someone could realize that Nick is not there for the right reason. Nick admits that he didn't come on for love on Andi's season, so why would he this time?!? Kaitlyn's mom is going to be the toughie in the family, but as Nick talks to her he looks so cocky. Kaitlyn's mom asks if he thinks that their chemistry will fade and Nick starts tearing up. Kaitlyn's mom then all of a sudden flips and starts saying Nick is such a great giant teddy bear. Overall through out this whole thing Nick is just a really awkward talker. In they end they all seem to like Nick. Nick asks her dads blessing and he says yes, because he gets a good feeling about Nick. I hope it takes more than a good feeling to give away your daughter.

Shawn Meets Kaitlyn's Family:
Shawn comes with a cute gift for Kaitlyn's sister knowing that she has two kids at home. Shawn really exemplifies how he has been for Kaitlyn the whole time. All of her family seems to like Shawn so much more than Nick. Kaitlyn's mom is asking the hard questions yet again. She asks how he will not be jealous, because Kaitlyn has a big personality, which in my opinion means she's a big flirt. Shawn admits that he is so confident in the trust that they have. Her mom and her sister both really likes Shawn. Her sister says that she can tell that they are perfect for one another. Shawn is so cute and he's so happy; he really redeemed himself in my eyes. He is so nervous, but yet confident asking for her parents blessing. In my opinion Shawn and Kaitlyn are the perfect match for one another. 

Nicks Final Date:
Nick instantly starts off as a show off as he jumps on the boat. Wow Bachelorette producers we saw this exact date on Juan Pablo's season, please get original. They seem really natural and she says they fit into one another's lives well. Nick just wants to start hanging out with her all the time. They have what they would call "another amazing date" and you can tell that there's a huge difference in how Nick feels, to me it seems forced. Nick we know you really are an evil genius and some how coming back on this show is helping boost your popularity. Nick gives her a gift, which is a farm with a picture and note. For some comedic relief we see that nick forgot to put the bottom part of the g, so it looked like he spelled wrong. 

Shawn's Final Date:
Shawn is hoping this isn't their last date. Again for some weird comedic relief, Kaitlyn asks him if he has sunscreen on. Like what in the world that is so random. Their conversation turns really awkward between them for no notable reason. I think it's just producers wanting us to think that she doesn't pick Shawn. Then you here Shawn saying that he is having doubts, and he really just wants to start sharing memories with her outside of the show. They click over talking about what it will be like to watch the show back. This really gets them talking about the future. You can tell that Shawn is a really great guy that wants to take care of and protect Kaitlyn. Shaw also gets her a gift, which is a jar of all their memories. This is the cutest gift ever!!

Proposal Day:
Shawn wants the proposal to go perfect. Neil Lane shows up to help him pick the perfect ring. Nick is nervous about knock on the door, because last season he thought it was Neil but it was Andi telling him it wasn't him. Now it's Nick's turn to pick a ring. Shawn wants it to be the last time he proposes to anyone. Kaitlyn's nervous as anyone would be in this situation, but she is excited. Both guys are ready to propose. She says this will be the biggest night of her life. She's sad about having to send someone home and the guy she sends home is Nick! She lets nick propose and say his whole spiel and then shoves the box down and he knows it is not him. She claims that she needed every single second to know that it was not right, but the truth is the producers forced her for drama. Nick's really confused why this happened, but he honestly doesn't look that sad and I wouldn't be surprised if he was acting the whole time. He told her she took things from him, flashback to Andi's season much. Nick looks really angry and Kaitlyn is crying. She walks him out and there we go Nick looses again. 
He even admits that he's the world's biggest joke. 
Finally a change of pace, Shawn's here! They kiss, which to me instantly shows that he's the one. He says that she exceeded all his expectations and is so incredible. He wants to make her the happiest girl in the world. Then it's her turn to talk and she says that she has never felt this before and she's been waiting forever to tell him. Yes, she knew for a very long time that he was the one, but she did a good job of covering it up. He proposes, and she says yes. I have to admit this is the sweetest proposal ever. 

After the Final Rose
Kaitlyn and Shawn's Introduction:
They start out with a super long kiss. They admit that they went through a lot, but it made them stronger. Then Chris Harrison wishes them a congratulations. 

Nick Comes Out:
Nick comes out and admits that he just trusted the relationship and he now has no regrets. Chris keeps pressing about their preexisting relationship, he explains that they started talking a month before with great conversation and that they had mutual respect, which budded into an unexpected friendship. They definitely had a preexisting connection. 

Nick and Shawn Confront One Another:
In the most awkward confrontation of the show, Shawn and Nick talk to one another. Shawn explains that Nick and him are very different people and that throughout the show he just spoke the truth of what he was feeling. Nick says that he has no right to say that, because they never got to know one another. Nick tried to get to know him, but Shawn refused to cooperate. Shawn explains that there is no jealousy, but that he really just loves Kaitlyn. Nick knew it would be hard coming on here, but he did it because he cared for Kaitlyn. Shawn just was angry that they didn't show more of the love stories instead of the feud. 

Kaitlyn and Nick Confront One Another:
Kaitlyn comes out and he ask her why he said that she was in love. She ended up rolling her eyes and yet again explaining that she did love him, but it was more about what love was strongest. She tries to make a joke, but even she can't break the ice. Nick keep explaining why he came on the show and yes we get it you had a "reason" for coming to be famous. He claims that she "took" things from him, and he says that it is referring to his words...sure it is Nick, sure. I do agree though that she should have ended it differently.

Kaitlyn and Shawn Back Together:
Shawn and her can't wait to start living life together. Shawn is excited that he can now defend Kaitlyn from all the hate that she is getting.  They are so cute together, I really hope that they last. 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Fun Back to School Shoe Picks

There is no better feeling than walking into school with a new pair of shoes! I picked out some classic and colorful shoes that will be the perfect compliment to any outfit. I think a simple outfit can instantly become more complex with the addition of some fun shoes. Shoes should never be any afterthought when outfit planning, they should be just as important of an accessory as a necklace or bag! You can even plan your whole outfit around a pair of shoes. Find your perfect pair of shoes before school and I guarantee you will feel so much more confident!

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Senior Pictures

I'm so excited to share my senior pictures with all of you! These are the pictures that are required to be done by my school and I am plan on doing some other personal ones with my family. I wanted to share these with all of you because to me it's just a fun part of my life. Also I thought it would provide you with some inspiration for your senior pictures! All picture credits go to Lily Mcgregor Photography!

It's so weird to see myself wearing a cap and gown!

I love how the green of the barn contrasts with my green dress!

This is my favorite picture!

Necklace: J.Crew Factory (Similar)
Shoes: Jack Rogers
I hope you guys enjoyed seeing these posts and getting to have a little insight into my life. It's so weird to think that I am a senior and that I am getting senior pictures! Life goes by so fast, enjoy every minute of it!

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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Perfect Back to School Outfit

School time is quickly approaching, so I wanted to share an outfit that I think is the perfect balance of casual yet dressy. This is exactly the kind of outfit that I love to wear to school; it's chic, but still has some super fun flair to it. 
Necklace: Francesca's
Shoes: Nordstrom
This champagne top paired with this fun pink necklace is summery, but still looking ready to be transitioned into fall. I can't think of a more perfect outfit for the first day of school or any of the other days following it.

What's your go to back to school outfit?
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tips and Tricks for Acing your College Interview

As I talked about in my blog post yesterday, I recently went on my first college interview at Wake Forest University and today I wanted to share some tips and tricks for interviews. 
1. Ask Questions: You want to prepare at least 5 questions before your interview. These questions will show that you know about the school and it's programs. These questions will function as your safety blanket, but don't be afraid to ask other questions that progress with the conversation. 
2. Dress Well: Wear something that makes you feel confident, because that will make you feel much more comfortable and better during the interview. 
3. Practice Questions Before: You can simply type in college interview questions into google and find some great questions to practice. Practicing will make you able to answer a lot of the questions they ask confidently. Though there will be some questions that you would have never thought of, the amount you will feel confident about will definitely overshadow that.
4. Be Confident: This interview is all about you. You are talking about yourself, the person that you know best. You can not say something wrong because the interview is just trying to discover who you are and how you would fit in at the school, so there is no reason at all to be stressed out about it. Just be yourself. 
5. Write a Thank You Note: The day you get back home from your interview write a thank you note and stick it in the mail. With that said make sure you ask your interviewer for a card so you have the information to thank them. This simple act will make you stand out in the pool of applicants. 
6. Be there at least 15 minutes early: You do not want to be late for this, because that will not leave a good impression. Definitely plan on being there at least 15 minutes early, you'll have to wait a bit but it will make you appear dependable. Also, while you are waiting do not go on your phone, just sit there and look over some school brochures. 
7. Research the School Before: You want to know about the school before you go. Make sure you can answer these questions at the least: What do you love about the school? What things are you interested in pursuing there? How could you contribute to the campus community?. Knowing about the school will definitely show your interest and passion.

Have you been on a college interview? Do you have any tips?
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

College Interview Outfit Inspiration

Necklace: J.Crew Factory(Similar)
Shoes: Jack Rogers

I had a college interview last week and I thought it would be fun to share what I wore. I know many people will have college interviews coming up as we get deeper into the fall, so I thought this week I would do a mini series about college interviews. This post will serve as outfit inspiration and tomorrow's post will be general tips and tricks for acing your college interview. I loved my outfit, because I felt it was fun yet professional; the modest J.Crew Factory dress paired with a fun crystal statement necklace was what I felt was a perfect combination. Wake Forest University is my dream school, so keep your fingers crossed for me as I continue through the college admissions. It was so fun to go back to one of my favorite places and explore some more!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bachelorette Season 11, Men Tell All Weekly Recap

I'm so excited to be doing my first ever series of Bachelorette Recaps! This show is my guilty pleasure and I love writing and talking about it, but I also really love reading spoilers. I just wanted to provide a quick disclaimer that I have read spoilers and will be writing this from the spoiled perspective. If you want to read spoilers so you can relate more to this post you can click here.

If you like this recap, you can read all of my other recaps and Bachelorette themed posts: first episodethird episodefourth episodefifth episodesixth episodeseventh episodeMy Top 3Bachelor in Paradise Opinions, tenth episodeThough I know what happens in rose ceremonies and the ending, the funny and dramatic things that occur within the episodes make it worth watching. I'm excited, because this season seems to be full of drama. I think choosing Kaitlyn as Bachelorette was a good idea, though she could end up as the girl version of Juan Pablo.

The Men Tell All is always a more boring episode for me especially as I'm eagerly awaiting the finale, but I'm so excited to hopefully give you some entertaining insight on what I thought of this episode.

Bachelor in Paradise Preview
Bachelor in Paradise looks crazy as ever. Ashley I. is crying every other frame, no shocker there. Clare is back, of course if you say you'll never be back you always, always come back. They also say it is the world's most beautiful beach, yeah if it's anything like last year than it's definitely not the worlds best. They show ambulances that will probably never be shown for real in the episodes. Also, you see lots of people sleeping together in natural Bachelor in Paradise fashion. Finally, we find out that we get 4 hours of Paradise every week some on Sunday and more on Monday!

Bleachable Moments Commercial
We get this random clip with Joe and Becca, like the most random combination ever. Where they spend a few minutes talking about the bleachable moments. My favorite which is when Ben H is on his horse riding one on one and he steps in poop. Joe and Becca add their unfunny random comments about these things.

Guys Fighting and Apologizing

They play the recap of the season and the first one to talk is Tanner. He calls out Ian for not getting to know any of them and therefore having no reason to say everything he said about the guys making poop jokes and being dumb. He also said he said horrible things about Kaitlyn, that are in no place okay. Corey agrees with Ian that Kaitlyn is not the most serious Bachelorette. Ben H stands up saying Kaitlyn was great and if they had more time with her they would have seen that. Ian being a real man tries to apologize and says that he regrets it all. He really stands up and takes responsibility for his actions and ends up getting a huge applause.
They next topic of conversation is Clint. Corey says he flipped a switch after night one and went from a friendly guy to suddenly arrogant. Clint says he didn't come here to make friends and that he found JJ and he reminded him of a friend back at home. JJ says anything that they are accusing Clint of that he is just as guilty. They say that it is nothing more than they are both intellectually curious about one another.

Then the conversation moves to Nick. Chris Harrison asks if Kaitlyn is at fault or if Nick is? They respect that she needed to bring him on to see if it could work out, then it is ok. Then some people think that Kaitlin did not handle the role well.

JJ in the Hot Seat
JJ said that he need to slap himself because he was so mean to Clint. Chris Harrison brings up how Kaitlyn really liked JJ, but JJ admits that he thinks he lost momentum. When JJ and Clint were together they both talked about Kaitlyn. All the guys admit that JJ was really nice once you got to know him. Then Chris asks him if he has regrets? JJ says that he didn't understand the situation and his humor was inappropriate. He regrets how he used his humor. Then Chris announces in an awkward way like JJ is about to come out, that he is on Bachelor in Paradise.

Ben Z. in the Hot Seat
Ben Z. says that he was so shocked he didn't get the rose, but he thinks it is because he closed off. He closed off after the wake group date and that could have shut down the connection between them two. Ben learned it is ok to open up in a short time, but he still hasn't cried. Chris admits that Ben shouldn't have trouble trying to find love.

Jared in the Hot Seat
Jared agrees that it's tough to hear her question her judgement, while she sends him home. But he knows that it wasn't meant to be. He fell in love with her so easily. He's so sweet and he deserves someone perfect for him. Jared is moving on on Bachelor in Paradise. He's excited to see her but it will be hard to see her. Thankfully though he got rid of the patchy beard.

Ben H. in the Hot Seat
Everyone loves Ben H., you can hear it in the crowd's applause. Chris asks if Ben H feels unlovable, and he says that he does. But He understands that Kaitlin had stronger feelings for other guys. Then Ben explains what happened in Texas. Ben, Shawn, and Kaitlyn were all together in the room. Ben went to shower, because they were leaving in half an hour and when they he got back he felt like an outsider. This pulled him back, because he was afraid of being hurt. He does admit that after this they did progress forward. 

Kaitlin's Internet Hate
Kaitlin says she likes to think of herself as tough, but all of the hate and even death threats are getting too much for her. This makes me feel so bad for Kaitlyn. Chris Harrison reads some horrible tweets. He also admits that he would have Kaitlin as a role model for his children.

Kaitlyn Talks to the Guys 
Jared as always is a great gentleman. Ben asks the most obvious question of why did she tell Shawn and not him? She says it was because she was scared Shawn would go home. Also, she admits that she compartmentalized all relationships and that made her take different steps. They say that Nick and her relationship was a slap in the face to all of them, because Nick and her had something really real. All the guys tell her that she carried on Nick drama for way to long. She is trying to make it all a joke. Ryan apologizes for everything he did wrong as a result of his drinking. Kaitlin makes jokes about Clint and JJ and how Clint was nicer to JJ than her. Ian apologizes and gives her a sweet note. I would say that he redeemed himself.

Blooper Reel
The blooper real is probably one of the most exciting part of this episode. We see a clip of Joe peeing in woods. We also see birds scaring Kaitlyn, like they have all season. Amy Shumer calls JJ out even more than she did on the regular episode. The sumo man splashes Tony. She gets some kind of buzzing bug caught in her lip gloss. 
After the bloopers, Joe dress up as pigeon and scares her. She explains why she has bird tattoos even though shes scared of birds and she explains that it's because she can't see them.

How excited are you for the finale?
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Perfect Color Pairings

Top Row-Left to Right
1) Top: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: J.Crew Factory
2) Top: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: Loft
Bottom Row- Left to Right
3) Top: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: Kendra Scott
4) Top: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: J.Crew Factory
5) Top: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: Loft

It is always fun to find a great complementary color pairing that you can wear over and over again. I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite colors to mix together as well as showcase this super fun and colorful top from J.Crew Factory. With all the different colors I showed you will be sure to find one that you love and can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. I think my favorite is the bubblegum pink and turquoise; it is such a bright fun combination. Also, I know this is the last thing everyone wants to hear at this point in this summer, but the simple colored tee paired with a fun statement necklace makes the perfect back to school outfit. 

Comment and let me know your favorite color combo.
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Top Summer T.V. Shows

I'm usually a big Netflix watcher, because I like to binge watch T.V. shows, but this summer I have been really enjoying several shows on regular T.V.. I thought it would be fun to share them all with you. My other obsession this summer has been Afterbuzz T.V., it is a Youtube channel that has after shows for almost every T.V. show. I love watching them because they are entertaining and fun, but also they are informative and can help you understand things about the show. I would definitely check out their shows for your favorite T.V. shows!

1. The Bachelorette: It's no secret that I love the Bachelorette, I watch religiously every week and do a recap on my blog(check it out here!). I love the drama, but I also love the contestants. Every season I get invested in a few contestants and then it is fun for one of them to become the Bachelor and the cycle to continue. I'm so thankful that my cousin introduced me to the Bachelorette 2 seasons ago, because it has since become my greatest escape and enjoyment every Monday night. 

2. The Astronaut Wives Club: It's plain and simple this show has become my favorite new show of the summer. I love that it is historical, because I'm a huge history nerd. I also love that it follows the astronauts from the woman's perspective and how they work to inspire and encourage their husbands. This show is definitely a fun, but really interesting summer watch. 

3. Unreal: As a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, it's pretty clear why I like this show. Unreal shows the behind the seasons of what goes on on a show called Everlasting, which strongly mimics the Bachelor. This show really makes you look at reality T.V. in a different light and the story lines are so addicting!

4. The Whispers: This is a show I wasn't too sure about as I thought it would be too scary, but as I watched it I became addicted. It really is more weird then scary and it's so intense that it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole episode. The story is so different and so unlike anything on T.V. currently that it makes it really special and unique. 

I hope you guys will check out some of these shows! Let me know some of your favorite summer shows!
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Friday, July 17, 2015

J.Crew Factory Sale Picks

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to write a post about a really great sale at J.Crew Factory! I know there have been posts all over about the Nordstrom sale, but for those of you not quite ready to move on to fall fashion, J.Crew Factory has you covered for fun summer fashion. The sale is 40% off Summer Styles and makes the majority of things under $30.
2) J.Crew Factory Drapey Cotton Sweater in Pale Grape- $20.70
5) J.Crew Factory Printed Sundress in Sea Spray White- $46.80
7) J.Crew Factory Clare Cardigan Sweater in Polynesian Green- $21.90

This sale has lots of really fun bright colored pieces for a really great price! J.Crew Factory is always having really good sales, but once and a while they will have a real great sale and I couldn't help but share it. You can't go wrong with bright dresses and light weight sweaters for the rest of summer. I really love the beige stripe skirt and the lilac sweater, but everything is just so cute!

Is there anything you love?

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

SAT Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone! I recently finished up taking the SAT and I wanted to share some of the tips that helped me the most when studying and preparing for the SAT. Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for your upcoming SAT test. 
1) Prepare Early: This is the most important tip, because the SAT is a huge test with a lot of different questions. I suggest starting to prepare around 2-3 months before your exam, this way you do not have to cram at the last minute. 
2) Don't just wing it the first time: A lot of people go into the SAT without studying at all the first time. I don't think you should do this, because the SAT is an expensive and grueling test so you should try and do your best the first time to prevent having to take it an excessive amount of times. 
3) Take the June SAT: I would suggest taking the June SAT for your second time. If your school gets out in May this is an awesome recourse; this way you have time to just focus on the SAT without the distractions of tests and projects at school.
4) Get a Prep Book: You need a prep book, this book will give you practice tests, practice questions, and tips and tricks. This is your go to recourse for studying. They also are usually broken up into nice sections, so that you can do one section a night while you are studying. 
5) Get SAT flashcards: The flashcards are a life savor for the reading and writing sections. Deeper knowledge of SAT buzz words will allow you to better understand what the passages are saying as well as help you answer the vocabulary based questions.
6) For Math, practice: The best way to do better on the math section is just to practice. Practice questions of all types and you will be able to feel much better and confident on the math section. 

7) Make Time to Take it Again: Most likely you will need to take the SAT at least twice, so plan for that. Don't count on your first test to be your best, so plan ahead when you will take the test so you have time to take it again without missing college or scholarship deadlines. 
8) Review Grammar Rules: Grammar rules are crucial on the writing section, so review and understand them and you will be able to successfully correct almost all of the sentence completions. My favorite grammar review is here.
9) Write a Four Paragraph Essay: The best tip I have for writing the essay is to make sure you have 4 paragraphs that are well developed. You can not go wrong with a introduction, body 1, body 2, conclusion structure. 
10) Use Resources From The SAT website has lots of great practice questions as well as if you have taken a prior SAT you can print your score report and see what types of questions you missed from each section and this will give you a good framework as to what to focus on. 
11) Rest Up and Eat Well: This is a given, but don't stay up late the night before and eat a good breakfast the morning of. Also, if you have time do a few practice questions the morning before it will help to warm up your brain and help you focus before taking the exam. 

I'm so happy to finally be done with the SAT. Feel free to leave your best tips in a comment bellow, because they may help someone!
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