Friday, July 31, 2015

Back to School Supplies Haul

I thought it would be fun to share with you all what school supplies I purchased for this year. This is not everything that I bring to school as I already have some things(paper, highlighters, calculator, etc.) from prior years. I purchased everything from Target, Staples, or Etsy.
The first thing I bought and the thing I'm most excited about is my Plum Paper Student Planner from Etsy! Tomorrow I will have a post all about the details of the Plum Paper Planner as well as how I keep my planner organized, so check that out then. 

I also decided to use notebooks for some of my classes this year; using notebooks works well in history classes or any other classes where you are taking notes all the time and don't have many worksheets. I got the Five Star notebooks from Staples and the monogram stickers are from Cuttin Crazy on Etsy.

For my Spanish, Math, and Lit classes I will use binders. I put some college ruled paper and dividers in my binders for organization. I got the Avery 1 inch binders from Target, and I love all the fun color choices. 

My favorite type of pencils are the Ticonderoga pencils; they last a long time and they have the best erasers. They have lots of fun colored ones at Target too. 

My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 pens, I write in pen almost the whole day, so I need pens that write well and last a long time. These pens are perfect! I buy the Costco pack every semester of school and it seems to be the perfect amount!

Because I use pens all the time I always need white out, so I got these two cute ones from Target. I also from Target got some pencil cap erasers, because I have a habit of running down the erasers on my pencils.

I hope this post was interesting and helpful for all of you! I'm hoping to have a what's in my backpack post up in a week or so to showcase all my school supplies, but until then enjoy all of my other back to school posts: What's in my Purse: School Edition, Tips for Incoming Freshman, Back to School Shoe Picks, Perfect Back to School Outfit, and lots more to come!
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