Saturday, July 4, 2015

DIY Painted Wood Block Room Decor

Today I wanted to do a fun bonus Saturday DIY video for all of you! It's simple and easy and will look great in your room. I'm going to put mine in my bathroom. This tutorial is inspired by this post. Check out the video to see how I made them!

Some Details:
-I used 5x5 wood blocks. If you have an awesome dad with a wood cutter he can cut them for you or you should be able to buy them at any craft store or hardware store.
-I used Americana Whispering Turquoise paint, which I bought from Hobby Lobby.
-Here is a link to pictures I used, but you can use any black and white photo that you want.

Here is how I displayed them in my bathroom! If you want to see more of my bathroom check out this link

If you do this tutorial please send me pictures! I hope you all enjoyed!
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