Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Opinions on the Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers

Hi everyone! My lake vacation got prolonged and I decided to skip the Bachelorette Recap this week and instead write about the new Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers that Reality Steve released. I live tweeted last nights episode of the Bachelorette so check out that for a mini recap of sorts on my twitter @welldressedash. With that being said this post is discussing spoilers, so if you do not want to read spoilers do not read this post. 

First lets talk about the new format of having 2 episodes every week, one on Sunday and one on Monday. This just seems to be a lot of Bachelor every week, but I'm not complaining. The people at the Bachelor headquarters are addicted to "to be continued", so how can you blame them.  I also think that it is there way of kind of mirroring Big Brother, so we will see how that goes. Plus you can't fault them for wanting to try something new.

Next, the WEDDING! Yes, Marcus and Lacy are getting married on the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise honestly I'm probably the most excited for this! I always loved the Bachelor/Bachelorette weddings even before I really watched the shows, so I'm over the moon that we will get another wedding. Plus I think Marcus and Lacy are so cute together. It's a cool way to start the season with showing everyone that a couple stayed together.
Lets talk about the contestants, I'm glad that they pulled contestants mostly from Chris and Kaitlin's seasons because they are the ones fresh in my mind and the ones that I really want to watch continue on another show. I'm probably most excited to see Carly Waddel(She's always been one of my favorites), Ashley S.(She's stinking hilarious), Cassandra(She is so pretty), Joe(he's a sweetheart). For good televisions sake I'm glad they included J.J., Chris Bukowski, and Ashley I. The weirdest thing about this season is that Ashley I's sister, Lauren, comes on the show. I'm kind of shocked by this as no one really cares about her, but I think it's the producers way of adding an interesting twist to the show. She doesn't last long, so I think the plan back fired, but we will see how they portray it with editing.

Finally the ending of the show!! 5 couples make it to the end to a fantasy sweet date and all of them seem so strange. Justin and Cassandra? Tenley and Joshua? Kirk and Carly? Samantha and Nick? Tanner and Jade? These seem like the weirdest couples ever, like what happened to all the attractive guys. This was not at all the ending I was expecting. Three couples stay together: Justin and Cassandra and Samantha and Nick. But the most shocking part is Tanner and Jade get engaged! Like what in the world, I figured it would happen with someone, but Jade and Tanner really? I feel like they both are probably just doing it for attention and will break up a month or two later, but who really knows.
 I guess paradise takes some unexpected turns this season, but for me that makes it so much more fun to watch and enjoy! Let me know who you are excited to see in paradise and how you feel about the ending. 

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