Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tips and Tricks for Acing your College Interview

As I talked about in my blog post yesterday, I recently went on my first college interview at Wake Forest University and today I wanted to share some tips and tricks for interviews. 
1. Ask Questions: You want to prepare at least 5 questions before your interview. These questions will show that you know about the school and it's programs. These questions will function as your safety blanket, but don't be afraid to ask other questions that progress with the conversation. 
2. Dress Well: Wear something that makes you feel confident, because that will make you feel much more comfortable and better during the interview. 
3. Practice Questions Before: You can simply type in college interview questions into google and find some great questions to practice. Practicing will make you able to answer a lot of the questions they ask confidently. Though there will be some questions that you would have never thought of, the amount you will feel confident about will definitely overshadow that.
4. Be Confident: This interview is all about you. You are talking about yourself, the person that you know best. You can not say something wrong because the interview is just trying to discover who you are and how you would fit in at the school, so there is no reason at all to be stressed out about it. Just be yourself. 
5. Write a Thank You Note: The day you get back home from your interview write a thank you note and stick it in the mail. With that said make sure you ask your interviewer for a card so you have the information to thank them. This simple act will make you stand out in the pool of applicants. 
6. Be there at least 15 minutes early: You do not want to be late for this, because that will not leave a good impression. Definitely plan on being there at least 15 minutes early, you'll have to wait a bit but it will make you appear dependable. Also, while you are waiting do not go on your phone, just sit there and look over some school brochures. 
7. Research the School Before: You want to know about the school before you go. Make sure you can answer these questions at the least: What do you love about the school? What things are you interested in pursuing there? How could you contribute to the campus community?. Knowing about the school will definitely show your interest and passion.

Have you been on a college interview? Do you have any tips?
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