Saturday, July 18, 2015

Top Summer T.V. Shows

I'm usually a big Netflix watcher, because I like to binge watch T.V. shows, but this summer I have been really enjoying several shows on regular T.V.. I thought it would be fun to share them all with you. My other obsession this summer has been Afterbuzz T.V., it is a Youtube channel that has after shows for almost every T.V. show. I love watching them because they are entertaining and fun, but also they are informative and can help you understand things about the show. I would definitely check out their shows for your favorite T.V. shows!

1. The Bachelorette: It's no secret that I love the Bachelorette, I watch religiously every week and do a recap on my blog(check it out here!). I love the drama, but I also love the contestants. Every season I get invested in a few contestants and then it is fun for one of them to become the Bachelor and the cycle to continue. I'm so thankful that my cousin introduced me to the Bachelorette 2 seasons ago, because it has since become my greatest escape and enjoyment every Monday night. 

2. The Astronaut Wives Club: It's plain and simple this show has become my favorite new show of the summer. I love that it is historical, because I'm a huge history nerd. I also love that it follows the astronauts from the woman's perspective and how they work to inspire and encourage their husbands. This show is definitely a fun, but really interesting summer watch. 

3. Unreal: As a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, it's pretty clear why I like this show. Unreal shows the behind the seasons of what goes on on a show called Everlasting, which strongly mimics the Bachelor. This show really makes you look at reality T.V. in a different light and the story lines are so addicting!

4. The Whispers: This is a show I wasn't too sure about as I thought it would be too scary, but as I watched it I became addicted. It really is more weird then scary and it's so intense that it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole episode. The story is so different and so unlike anything on T.V. currently that it makes it really special and unique. 

I hope you guys will check out some of these shows! Let me know some of your favorite summer shows!
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