Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Be Successful in an Online Class

This year I am taking an online class and since starting I have learned a lot about working hard to be successful in this different type of class. I think online classes are a great opportunity to take a class that your school may not offer or may not fit in your schedule. I definitely would not be afraid of taking an online class, because I think it mimics college in that you need to motivate your self instead of a teacher always having to remind you and encourage you. Also, a lot of these tips can be applied to regular classes!

1. Work daily: I have one period everyday devoted to my online class, so that I can work on everything that I have due. But if you don't have this because your taking an extra class or you just don't get a period for it at your school I would establish a specific time everyday where you work on the class for about an hour. It could be before school or after school, just make sure you make time to get the work done. 
2. Get ahead: Don't slack off, because you start getting ahead, get as much done as you can when you have free time, because when you have a lot of stuff in other classes you will be far enough ahead that you can put your class aside for a few days. 
3. Ask questions when your confused: Don't be afraid to ask your teacher questions about anything and everything. Just because they're not in the same room as you doesn't mean they don't want to help you. They want to be therefore you and support you so you do well in their class. 
4. Attend live sessions: My class has weekly 1 hour live sessions where my teacher will answer any questions about the material. It also allows you to get to know the other students in the class and discuss to better understand the content. 

5. Get to know your teacher: Read your teacher's bio and listen to the stuff he/she says at their live sessions. The more you get a sense of what your teacher is like and their personality the more likely you will be to ask them questions and feel comfortable in the class. 
6. Actually Take Notes: It may be tempting to instead of taking notes just read through the online notes, but I promise if you take the time to take notes like you would in a normal class it will ultimately pay off in your mastery of the material. 
7. Put in the extra effort: Read the textbook and spend a little bit of extra time formatting and laying out your documents and assignments. I promise it is worth it in the long run and your teacher will be thankful. Plus it shows you really care about and take pride in your work. 
8. Make sure you are self motivated: This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing. There is no one to force you to do your work or remind you to do things. You have to take it upon yourself to say oh I should be working on this assignment today, so it is ready for the due date. It is all up to you, if you motivate yourself and put in the work your grade will no doubt reflect that. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Life Recap: Clubapalooza

Hey guys! So normally I am going to do weekly round ups on Tuesday's with fun pictures from my whole week, but this week I wanted to do a quick chat about something that is really unique and great that my school did! I've always been very active in both clubs and sports in my school, so when I heard our school was having a giant Clubapalooza I was so excited, but one question lingered into my head, "what booth will I run?". In the end I opted to work at the Key Cub booth as that is the club I am president of and am so passionate about it I knew it would be very helpful in gathering new members. Clubapalooza is a great idea to really encourage people within the school to get involved, a lot of the time people may want to get involved but they might be unsure of what they want to join or how to join. Basically what we had was about 100 tables set up all around the football field, and each club or sport got their own table that they could decorate as they chose. Most clubs had the upperclassman officers running the booth and also were handing out flyers and applications. 
Here's the booth I decorated! We tried to keep it simple, but still fun and representative of the club as a whole. The whole event was supposed to be carnival theme, so we wanted to have a game that would help lure people in. I definitely loved the idea of allowing students to explore and find the club that they are interested in. I think it allowed people to find clubs that match their interests as well as clubs that are out of their comfort zone, but still interesting to them. If your school doesn't have a program like this I would definitely consider suggesting it, as clubs are not only great for college, but for learning leadership and developing a good personality. You never know the impact of one person joining one club will ultimately be. 

Let me know what you think about the clubapalooza idea. Does your school do anything like it? Is it something you feel is beneficial to the students?
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Statement Necklace Collection

I wanted to share a super fun post with all of my statement necklaces! Some of these necklaces I have  had forever and some are more recently purchased, but I thought it would be super fun to share where they all are fun. Since almost all of them are not available anymore I'm not going to link any of the individual necklaces just the main store page!

J.Crew Factory: Probably my ultimate favorite place to buy jewelry, all of the pieces are super cute and while often times they are a bit more expensive they are a lot better quality and they often go on sale!

GroupDealz: Not great quality, but super affordable and trendy jewelery pieces. It is a flash sale website, so if you want something you have to buy it right then. 

Local Boutiques: Local boutiques are great places to find cute jewelry. It is usually a bit more expensive though, but it has some more unique pieces. 

Other: Some other great places both online and in stores to get jewelry. 
 Etsy: Great places to find much more inexpensive or personalized jewelry. 
 Bijoux Box: If you love jewelery this is a monthly subscription box just for that! Great to try necklaces of all different styles. 
 TJ Maxx: Their jewelry section is a hit or a miss sometimes they have really great pieces and sometimes it is just no good. Just be careful because often times the jewelry is broken or missing stones. 
Forever 21: Again another hit or miss, but sometimes you can find really good stuff for a really great price!

What is your favorite store to buy jewelry from?
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Etsy Stickers and Washi Tape Haul and Review

I've always been a planner girl; I loved getting a new one every year and writing in it daily, but this year I've decided to get even more into the planner world. Lately I have been watching a lot of planner videos and it inspired me to start using stickers in my planner. All the stickers I have are very functional, they are great for school dates and weekly needs. As you will see my sticker collection is minuscule and that is because I am just entering this new field and stickers I'm learning are cheap, but add up so quickly.  I shopped from four different shops: Karolinas Krafts, Hello Washi, Two Krafty Chicks, and Southern Haute. My favorite would have to honestly be Karolinas Krafts, the stickers are great quality and they came beautifully packaged with a nice sampler pack. I'll share more details of the shops as we go along. 

Shop #1: Karolinas Krafts

These are the stickers I got, they are all great quality, the colors are vibrant and the stickers look great. The sampler is so cute and fun for summer and I will definitely order from the shop again soon! This is my favorite of all the shops I ordered from.

Shop #2: Hello Washi
I wasn't really sure how much I would use washi, so I just wanted to get a few samples to try out. I was so glad to find this shop offered exactly what I wanted. The washi quality is great and I love that they sent me a freebie sample to try and it coordinates with my other ones!
-Pink & Blue Floral Washi Tape Sample- $1.25(Given to me as a freebie)

I wanted these stickers to use in the sidebar of my Plum Paper Planner to cover up the test and quizzes section, so I could write my weekly blog posts. They work perfectly! I love the wide range of color selection that it came with. Definitely want to see some of the other stickers that this shop has to offer!

Shop #4: Southern Haute

I have mixed emotions about this shop. I received the stickers damaged, so I emailed the shop owner and she quickly sent me another set, but they were also damaged(see pictures above). She did send me a lot of freebies due to this issue, but I just wasn't overwhelmingly impressed with her sticker quality. She does have a lot of great stickers that you can't find in other shops.
-Playdate Planner Stickers- $4.00(freebie)
-Swimming Planner Stickers- $4.00(freebie)

Let me know your favorite place to buy planner stickers or planner accessories! It is so motivating to have a super fun decorated and colorful planner it makes me get things done!
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tips for Staying Organized in School

1. Put your stuff where it goes right away: When you get a paper in class, put it where it goes in your binder or notebook so that it doesn't get lost and stays organized. This will keep you from doing mass organization at points and instead just doing a little bit at a time. 
2. Spend 10 minutes before you go to bed getting organized: Every night I take time to hole punch, staple and organize any misplaced papers. I also use this to plan in my agenda for the next year so I know what I have to do. 
3. Use some type of divider for different units: If you use binders get dividers and if you use notebooks use the kind of tab dividers that can stick on to your pages. This will make it so much easier for you to study and find things when midterms and finals come around. 
4. Have all your different classes separate: Have a separate notebook or binder for each class. This way you will be much more organized and not having classes running into one another, and papers getting all mixed up. 
5. If you use binders invest in a hole punch: I think it is crucial to get your own hole punch to be organized if you are going to use binders. This way you don't always have to worry about using a teachers and you can hole punch and organize on your own time. 

6. Write in your agenda everyday and plan ahead: Plan out assignments, if you have a big projet plan out when you will do each part each night so it is not overwhelming for you. I think this is ultimately crucial for staying on top of things during the year. 
7.  Experiment and find the organizational method that works best for you: Figure out how you organize best is it in a binder or folder or notebook. Do you like using an agenda or would you rather write day to day to do lists in a notebook. Experiment, because in the long run it will be really helpful for you. 
8. Try to plan out your week ahead of time: If you know what you have to do each night it will be so much more easy to accomplish everything that you need to do. This will make you so much more productive and efficient. 
9. Don't throw away things- if possible keep it all: This is helpful for the end of the year when you are studying for exams, this way you have all of your papers and notes it will be much easier to study. If you are organized than you shouldn't have trouble keeping up with all these papers. 
10. Know where everything goes and have a place for it: If you know where you put your notes, your study guides, your worksheets, and etc. than you will be able to quickly put things away when you get them. If you have a place for it than you are most likely to put it where it goes. 

What are your best school organization tips?
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pajama Picks

I woke up this morning really wanting to stay in bed all day, but since it's Wednesday and I have to go to school and can't stay in my pajamas I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites in stores currently!
There is nothing better than ending a busy day in a fresh, new pair of pajamas. I think the perfect pair is bright and patterned and all of these fit that perfectly! Plus who can resist a new affordable pair of sleep shorts during the summer! 

Where is your favorite place to buy pajamas?
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Impressions of My Senior Classes
I started my senior year a little over a week ago and I thought it would be fun to share what I thought about my classes right off the bat, that I can later compare to what I thought in the end of the year.

1st and 2nd period I have AP Calculus BC. I really like this class, but because it is a block class it is really fast paced. Like we've had only had a little less than 2 weeks and we are already having a test. My teacher is really great and even though the content is difficult she makes it easy to understand. I really like the way that she runs the class with making the whole timeline of the unit available for us at the beggining of the unit. 

3rd period I have AP Spanish. This is honestly the class that I am the most concerned about, because my teacher speaks to us in spanish and makes us speak spanish at all times. This often gets me confused, but I know that it will ultimately benefit me in the long term. I think this class will definitly make me learn a lot and grow as a speaker, writer, and reader.

4th period I have AP Economics, the first semester is microeconomics and the second semester is macroeconomics. I love my teacher and his teaching style, because I feel like he really makes the class mimic a college class. He makes us review and do the assignment the night before and then lecturing over it the next day. I think this really helps me to learn. He makes a somewhat boring class very fun and I think I will be really successful in it. 

5th period I have an online class that is AP European History. I honestly love doing online school, because the whole entire schedule is laid out for the whole semester ad you can work at your own pace. Though my teacher is not a huge part of the class he seems really nice and he sets up everything  nicelly to allow us to be successful in the class. I think the class is really interesting and I have already learned a lot and can't wait to learn a  lot more!

6th period I have AP Literature and Composition. I was so excited for this class, because I have the same teacher that I had in 10th grade that I absolutely loved. So I know because of her I will really love the class. I also think the books that we are reading this year are more interesting and will be good reads. I'm super excited to see how this class will go, because we already have a ton of work assigned and due in one week which is kind of stressful, but it teaches you how to dedicate your time well.

7th period I have AP Government, which is probably the most interesting class to me that I am taking. I love all things politics and government so I am so excited to learn a lot and take on some new perspectives about our country. My teacher is good, he is engaging and is very good at bringing in current events into the daily notes to help you understand. The only complaint is he gives us a lot of work with a really broad due date leaving us to pace ourselves. This is something that I know I ultimately need to work on.

I hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on my classes! Are you taking any AP Classes? Are you or have you taken any of the classes that I am taking, if so please let me know your thoughts!
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Monday, August 17, 2015

What to Wear When Nothing Seems Right

We all have those days when we put on countless outfits and none of them seem to match well or look great, so we pull out our phones and start scrolling through Pinterest and still nothing seems to be good enough. This was me this past Friday, so I wanted to do this post to help myself and all of you on those stressful mornings. 
All of these pictures came from Pinterest, none of these images are my own. 

On these mornings I find myself gravitating toward jeans, a colorful tee, and a statement necklace. What's your go to outfit for when nothing seems to look right?
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

What's in My Backpack?

Hey everyone! For today's bonus Saturday post, I thought I would share what's in my backpack! Watch the video below to see everything I keep in it.
I love my North Face Backpack and I would definitely recommend it as it has lasted me 3 years with out any wear and tear. Plus it comes in lots of pretty colors!
Details of What's In My Backpack:
Monogram Stickers: Cuttin Crazy on Etsy
Calculator: TI 30XS Multiview

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Francescas
Necklace: Etsy
Ring: Passed Down From My Grandma (Similar)
Bracelet: A Gift From My Grandma(Similar)

I hope you enjoyed! What's your #1 backpack essential?
Thanks for Reading(& Watching), 
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Linen and White Back to School OOTD

It is back to school time and I thought I would share this super fun and school appropriate outfit with all of you! I love the details of this top paired with some super fun colored sandals. The best way to dress for school is simple with some element of fun(necklaces, sandals, sweater). I ultimately love how the whole outfit comes together and looks great, but not like you are trying too hard. 

Outfit Details:
Jeans: Levi Jeans
Shoes: Old Navy(Similar)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory(Similar)
Ring: Passed Down From My Grandma (Similar)
Bracelet: A Gift From My Grandma(Similar)

I hope you enjoyed this post! This is the exact kind of chic and preppy outfit that I love wearing to school everyday. What is your go to back to school outfit? 
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tips for Coping with a Bad Grade

We all have that one test that we get the grade back and are just so disappointed with ourselves. I hope this post will be helpful in providing you all with some tips to cope with the first bad grade of the year and work towards success for the rest of the year. 

1. Move On: The first most important part of coping with a bad grade is just to accept that there are many other grades and in the grand scheme of things this one test/quiz will not have that much influence on your grade as a whole. 
2. Talk to your teacher: Make sure your teacher knows that this grade is not like you and that you are willing to do what ever it takes to do better. Making this promise to your teacher will encourage you to work harder. 
3. Seek new ways to learn and review: You do not want to get in a slump of doing the same thing over and over and not being successful, so if you fail one assignment make sure you prepare for the next one in a different way. Maybe you just need to review more, but most likely you need to change how you review. Try flashcards, reading aloud, or reworking worksheets.
4. Don't be comparative: Don't compare how you did to your friends or other people in your class. This is a good rule all around, but if you don't do well don't torture yourself by hearing how well other people did or don't try to make yourself feel better by seeing who did worse. Focus on yourself and how you can do better. 
5. Set goals for yourself for the future: Set a goal for how well you want to do on your next assignment or two. If you want to make an A than set that as your goal and create a plan for how you will achieve it, having a simple task that you can work specifically on will help you focus. 

Most importantly always just remember to work hard and do what works and will be most effective for you! One bad grade is never the end of the world, we all get them at some point or another.

I hope you all make the grades you want this year!
Thanks for Reading,
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Everyday Jewlery

Today I thought it would be really fun to share with you all my everyday jewelry! This is the stuff that I wear everyday, so when I post outfit posts I can reference this post to show you all my jewelry. I love this simple gold jewelry, because it is a great chic addition to any outfit.
Here are all of my everyday jewelry items. I usually wear a watch with my gold bracelet and ring. 

 My bracelet was a gift when I was born and it is from a local jewelry store. The bracelet and both the charms are gold. The heart is engraved with my monogram on one side and my birth date on the other. The other charm is a script A. Here's a link to a similar one

My ring was passed down to me from my grandma, it was hers when she was younger. It is a gold band with a simple diamond. Again I can not link the exact, but here is a similar one

Here are my two watches. The brown leather band one is from Daniel Wellington and the gold one is from Kate Spade. Based on whatever outfit that I am wearing I will choose the watch that I think matches the best. My brown watch is much more small and simple than the gold Kate Spade one, but I love the details of both of the watches! 

Here you can see how I wear my jewelry everyday! It adds the perfect simple, but chic touch to your outfit and I love how everything is gold and coordinating. 

What is your everyday jewelry?
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