Friday, August 21, 2015

Etsy Stickers and Washi Tape Haul and Review

I've always been a planner girl; I loved getting a new one every year and writing in it daily, but this year I've decided to get even more into the planner world. Lately I have been watching a lot of planner videos and it inspired me to start using stickers in my planner. All the stickers I have are very functional, they are great for school dates and weekly needs. As you will see my sticker collection is minuscule and that is because I am just entering this new field and stickers I'm learning are cheap, but add up so quickly.  I shopped from four different shops: Karolinas Krafts, Hello Washi, Two Krafty Chicks, and Southern Haute. My favorite would have to honestly be Karolinas Krafts, the stickers are great quality and they came beautifully packaged with a nice sampler pack. I'll share more details of the shops as we go along. 

Shop #1: Karolinas Krafts

These are the stickers I got, they are all great quality, the colors are vibrant and the stickers look great. The sampler is so cute and fun for summer and I will definitely order from the shop again soon! This is my favorite of all the shops I ordered from.

Shop #2: Hello Washi
I wasn't really sure how much I would use washi, so I just wanted to get a few samples to try out. I was so glad to find this shop offered exactly what I wanted. The washi quality is great and I love that they sent me a freebie sample to try and it coordinates with my other ones!
-Pink & Blue Floral Washi Tape Sample- $1.25(Given to me as a freebie)

I wanted these stickers to use in the sidebar of my Plum Paper Planner to cover up the test and quizzes section, so I could write my weekly blog posts. They work perfectly! I love the wide range of color selection that it came with. Definitely want to see some of the other stickers that this shop has to offer!

Shop #4: Southern Haute

I have mixed emotions about this shop. I received the stickers damaged, so I emailed the shop owner and she quickly sent me another set, but they were also damaged(see pictures above). She did send me a lot of freebies due to this issue, but I just wasn't overwhelmingly impressed with her sticker quality. She does have a lot of great stickers that you can't find in other shops.
-Playdate Planner Stickers- $4.00(freebie)
-Swimming Planner Stickers- $4.00(freebie)

Let me know your favorite place to buy planner stickers or planner accessories! It is so motivating to have a super fun decorated and colorful planner it makes me get things done!
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  1. These are so pretty! I've never used stickers in my planner because I'm not sure I could stick to it all year (...haha) but it's a great idea! Colorful planners are the best!

    Seacoast to the South

  2. Thanks! I love making my planner unique and fun, and I love how everyone has their own way of organizing!