Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Impressions of My Senior Classes

I started my senior year a little over a week ago and I thought it would be fun to share what I thought about my classes right off the bat, that I can later compare to what I thought in the end of the year.

1st and 2nd period I have AP Calculus BC. I really like this class, but because it is a block class it is really fast paced. Like we've had only had a little less than 2 weeks and we are already having a test. My teacher is really great and even though the content is difficult she makes it easy to understand. I really like the way that she runs the class with making the whole timeline of the unit available for us at the beggining of the unit. 

3rd period I have AP Spanish. This is honestly the class that I am the most concerned about, because my teacher speaks to us in spanish and makes us speak spanish at all times. This often gets me confused, but I know that it will ultimately benefit me in the long term. I think this class will definitly make me learn a lot and grow as a speaker, writer, and reader.

4th period I have AP Economics, the first semester is microeconomics and the second semester is macroeconomics. I love my teacher and his teaching style, because I feel like he really makes the class mimic a college class. He makes us review and do the assignment the night before and then lecturing over it the next day. I think this really helps me to learn. He makes a somewhat boring class very fun and I think I will be really successful in it. 

5th period I have an online class that is AP European History. I honestly love doing online school, because the whole entire schedule is laid out for the whole semester ad you can work at your own pace. Though my teacher is not a huge part of the class he seems really nice and he sets up everything  nicelly to allow us to be successful in the class. I think the class is really interesting and I have already learned a lot and can't wait to learn a  lot more!

6th period I have AP Literature and Composition. I was so excited for this class, because I have the same teacher that I had in 10th grade that I absolutely loved. So I know because of her I will really love the class. I also think the books that we are reading this year are more interesting and will be good reads. I'm super excited to see how this class will go, because we already have a ton of work assigned and due in one week which is kind of stressful, but it teaches you how to dedicate your time well.

7th period I have AP Government, which is probably the most interesting class to me that I am taking. I love all things politics and government so I am so excited to learn a lot and take on some new perspectives about our country. My teacher is good, he is engaging and is very good at bringing in current events into the daily notes to help you understand. The only complaint is he gives us a lot of work with a really broad due date leaving us to pace ourselves. This is something that I know I ultimately need to work on.

I hope you guys enjoyed my thoughts on my classes! Are you taking any AP Classes? Are you or have you taken any of the classes that I am taking, if so please let me know your thoughts!
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  1. A new stage of your life has started and it will be some quite exciting stage of your life. Good to hear about the first day of your school and hopefully the coming days will aslo go fine.