Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My First Day of School: Experience

I had my first day of school on August 6, and I wanted to write this post to remember my experience of my senior year of high school. At my school we usually have a pretty easy first day, where we only have 20 minute classes and spend almost all of the day in our homeroom class, but this year we only went to homeroom for 20 minutes and had almost a completely normal rest of the day. This was great, because I really got to get to know all of my teachers and get a feel of the class. I loved all of my teachers and classes! I was so excited to have the same lit teacher that I had in 10th grade that I absolutely loved. We already started learning in some classes and I love getting right back into it. 

Another thing I really loved was getting to drive my sister to and from school; I loved getting to spend that little bit of extra time with her and being the first to hear her talk about her day! I think it will be such a special time between us every single day and I am very excited.

Getting to see all of my friends at school was really great. I always love reconnecting with them and learning all about the little details of their summer. It's great to just begin to become reconnected with people you haven't seen in 8 weeks. 

Probably my favorite part about going back to school is getting into a routine. I love knowing what I will be doing and having everything planned out. Somehow this makes me feel so much better and more secure and get a lot done! I loved starting getting back into this routine the first day. 

Overall I had a great first day of school where I really got to reconnect with the things I love about being there. I will forever love being at school and learning, learning is a huge passion of mine that I am determined to never loose. 

I know this was kind of a different post, but I hope you all enjoyed!
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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing first day! Enjoy senior year – it goes by so fast!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    1. I did! I'm definitely going to make the best of everyday! Thank you!