Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tips for Having a Successful School Year

As a senior in high school I have learned a lot about how to truly have a great school year. I know many of you are eager to make the best of this school year, so I thought I would give you my best tips!
1) Be Confident: You want to assert yourself and be yourself! Everyday just stand up of the things that you believe in and love and don't be ashamed of it. I think it is so easy to loose yourself in high school and it is very important to always remember what you love and your values. 
2) Work Hard: Try your best. Go into every single assignment putting into your best effort and I promise you will never be disappointed in yourself and you will most likely always do well.
3) Don't Stress About Little Things: If you make a bad grade accept it and move on. If you loose a friend accept it and move on. If something doesn't go right than accept that there is something better coming. Just don't sweat the small stuff and stay strong about what your end goal is and I promise good things will happen. 
4) Make New Friends: Of course keep your old friends, but when you have new classes meet new people and get to know them. It's fun to branch out and you never know when you will find someone that you will click with and become forever friends with. 

5. Dress to Impress: Sometimes or all the time look nice and present yourself well. I promise you will feel great and be so much happier! You will be more confident and have a great day. Sometimes putting in a little more effort really pays off. 
6. Do What you Love: If you love blogging do it and put a lot of your effort into. If you love a sport play it and dedicate yourself to it. Always just work towards building up your goals and dreams. Also, never be ashamed of your goals, if you love it I promise you are not alone. 
7. Have Good Quality and Cute School Supplies: The more you love your supplies the more you will be likely to want to use them and do your work. I just love having cute things that will not fall apart, but also are cute and make me happy! I promise it will make your school motivation increase so much!
8. Learn to Balance: You need to find a balance between all the things that you have a passion for as well as school and family and all the other things in life. i know you will see all these things on Pinterest and Tumblr about being limited to what you can do in high school, but the truth is that you can do all the stuff you want. Get an agenda and plan out your day and week and moth so that you can do everything that you want!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your best tip for doing great in school? 
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