Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tips for Staying Organized in School

1. Put your stuff where it goes right away: When you get a paper in class, put it where it goes in your binder or notebook so that it doesn't get lost and stays organized. This will keep you from doing mass organization at points and instead just doing a little bit at a time. 
2. Spend 10 minutes before you go to bed getting organized: Every night I take time to hole punch, staple and organize any misplaced papers. I also use this to plan in my agenda for the next year so I know what I have to do. 
3. Use some type of divider for different units: If you use binders get dividers and if you use notebooks use the kind of tab dividers that can stick on to your pages. This will make it so much easier for you to study and find things when midterms and finals come around. 
4. Have all your different classes separate: Have a separate notebook or binder for each class. This way you will be much more organized and not having classes running into one another, and papers getting all mixed up. 
5. If you use binders invest in a hole punch: I think it is crucial to get your own hole punch to be organized if you are going to use binders. This way you don't always have to worry about using a teachers and you can hole punch and organize on your own time. 

6. Write in your agenda everyday and plan ahead: Plan out assignments, if you have a big projet plan out when you will do each part each night so it is not overwhelming for you. I think this is ultimately crucial for staying on top of things during the year. 
7.  Experiment and find the organizational method that works best for you: Figure out how you organize best is it in a binder or folder or notebook. Do you like using an agenda or would you rather write day to day to do lists in a notebook. Experiment, because in the long run it will be really helpful for you. 
8. Try to plan out your week ahead of time: If you know what you have to do each night it will be so much more easy to accomplish everything that you need to do. This will make you so much more productive and efficient. 
9. Don't throw away things- if possible keep it all: This is helpful for the end of the year when you are studying for exams, this way you have all of your papers and notes it will be much easier to study. If you are organized than you shouldn't have trouble keeping up with all these papers. 
10. Know where everything goes and have a place for it: If you know where you put your notes, your study guides, your worksheets, and etc. than you will be able to quickly put things away when you get them. If you have a place for it than you are most likely to put it where it goes. 

What are your best school organization tips?
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  1. The though of going back to school is actually pretty daunting right now... but those are great tips! It's hard to keep organized all the year long and I'll definitely use this as a reminder. With love,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you! When do you go back to school? I've already been back for a few weeks!