Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Life Recap: Clubapalooza

Hey guys! So normally I am going to do weekly round ups on Tuesday's with fun pictures from my whole week, but this week I wanted to do a quick chat about something that is really unique and great that my school did! I've always been very active in both clubs and sports in my school, so when I heard our school was having a giant Clubapalooza I was so excited, but one question lingered into my head, "what booth will I run?". In the end I opted to work at the Key Cub booth as that is the club I am president of and am so passionate about it I knew it would be very helpful in gathering new members. Clubapalooza is a great idea to really encourage people within the school to get involved, a lot of the time people may want to get involved but they might be unsure of what they want to join or how to join. Basically what we had was about 100 tables set up all around the football field, and each club or sport got their own table that they could decorate as they chose. Most clubs had the upperclassman officers running the booth and also were handing out flyers and applications. 
Here's the booth I decorated! We tried to keep it simple, but still fun and representative of the club as a whole. The whole event was supposed to be carnival theme, so we wanted to have a game that would help lure people in. I definitely loved the idea of allowing students to explore and find the club that they are interested in. I think it allowed people to find clubs that match their interests as well as clubs that are out of their comfort zone, but still interesting to them. If your school doesn't have a program like this I would definitely consider suggesting it, as clubs are not only great for college, but for learning leadership and developing a good personality. You never know the impact of one person joining one club will ultimately be. 

Let me know what you think about the clubapalooza idea. Does your school do anything like it? Is it something you feel is beneficial to the students?
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