Monday, November 9, 2015

How I Got Accepted to My Dream School-Wake Forest University

Getting accepted to my dream school was one of the best things to happen in my life so far. It truly was the place that I knew I wanted to be. I thought I would write this post to help any of you trying to get into Wake Forest or a similar school. I am by no means an admissions officer or an expert, but I know these types of posts really helped me when I was trying to get in so I thought it could not hurt for me to post this and give some of my own insight. 

1. Have an interview: I think an interview really helps you to showcase your personality, and it allows the admissions officers to see you as a real person and not just as a piece of paper. 
2. Truly write your essays from the heart: I ended up only having people edit my short essays. I kept my long essay extremely representative of myself by editing it myself and not letting anyone else change it. I wanted it to clearly represent my personal voice only. 
3. Be involved in depth not quantity: I was never involved in tons of clubs, but I was always involved in depth. I have officer positions in the three clubs I am involved in. I think this helps show your passions and show that you really care about the club and what it stands for. 
4. Apply early if possible: I think it is always a good idea to apply early if you can, I know for economic reasons it is not always feasible. I think if you can do it, it really shows your passion for the school, and as a bonus you get to know your decision earlier! Also, Wake Forest has rolling early decision, so I think the earlier you apply in the early decision time frame the better.
5. Have passion for the school: I think showing that you care about the school is really important. It shows that you have spent time getting to know the school and the programs they offer and really care about going there. School's like to see that you put in the effort. 
6. Test scores really aren't everything: I believe this to be really true. Even if you do submit your test scores, you should know that they really aren't the center of your application. The other things I talked about earlier are much more important. 
I realy hope this was helpful! I hope you all realize that if you work your hardest that you will receive one of the Welcome to Wake Forest black envelopes in the mail with your name on it. 
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