Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Monthly, Weekly, and Yearly Goals for 2016

I love setting goals, and I find that the New Year always serves as a great time to set some new goals and reevaluate my life. I'm so excited for this year as I graduate in June and will start college at my dream school in August! I know there are so many great memories to come in my last semester of high school and my first semester of college, and I'm so excited to experience them all. I thought I would share with you all my goals for this year!

Yearly Goals:
-Take one big trip this year
-Make Straight A’s in High School and 1st Semester of College
-Try new foods
-Stay off my phone

Monthly Goals:
-Read 1 book a month, not for school
-Save money- $10 a month
-Do something new every month
-Spend 1 day a month looking at my goals and refocusing
-Watch 1 movie a month
-Do something with just my mom every month(Until I go to college)
-Do something with just my dad every month(Until I go to college)
-Do something with just my sister every month(Until I go to college)
-Treat me twice a month: face mask, splurge on something
-Spoil someone randomly each month
-Make dinner once a month(Until I go to college)

Weekly Goals:  
-Once a week drink 8 cups of water, every other day drink 3 cups
-Blog once a week, but work up gradually to more and more posts
-Instagram weekly, but work up to daily
-Take at least 5 pictures a week
-4 scholarships a week(Until I go to college)
-Drive more, offer to drive instead of my parents once every week(Until I go to college)
-Get 10,000 steps once a week
-Journal weekly
-Do something you're passionate about every week

I know to some of you guys these goals may seem like nothing, but I like to set attainable goals and slowly work up to making them more challenging. I'm going to have a big switch in my life when I go to college, so I will reevaluate my goals at that point. Many of my goals only serve a purpose while I am living at home, but may turn into different goals when I move out. I love hearing other people's goals, so leave a comment letting me know your goals! 

Here's to a great new year!
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