Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Reality of Leaving

I'm scared because this time next year I'll be in a completely different place with new friends away from my family and absolutely everything I am used to. In reality, I'll have a new home. Don't get me wrong I'm excited beyond belief, but I'm also extremely nervous. I guess the reason that I am nervous is because I do not like change. But I know I need a change. I need a change because I feel stuck. I feel that I'm always doing the same things over and over again and I need a new place where I can grow. I know that the school I will be attending is the perfect place for me, and I know I will be so happy there. I guess the thing that I am most nervous about is coming back to my hometown and feeling different. I'm scared that I'll come home and feel like I don't belong. But maybe that is not a bad thing, maybe I need to grow up and develop into my own person and not be defined by where I live. But I feel like my emotions have me living in a contradiction. I know I need change, but I'm scared of change. I'm excited but I'm nervous. I guess that is just the reality of the unknown. You just have to have faith and trust that good things will happen for you. Because while the unknown is scary it is also very exciting. 
What are your guys experiences with having to leave for college? Were you this nervous or am I just over thinking this all? 

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