Thursday, February 18, 2016

Coping with Sadness: Put on your Pajamas, Get in Bed, and Cry About It

Maybe you're sad because your best friend is untrustworthy, maybe you're sad because your boyfriend broke up with you, or maybe you're sad because you just had a bad day, no matter what it is that is tugging at your heart let me just say everything is going to be ok. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how badly you are treated there is always a way out. But you must not give up. Take time for yourself and then stand back up and show the world how strong you are. If you feel like you are so overwhelmed with emotion that you aren't sure what to do, do these few things. First, ignore your responsibilities; I know there are so many things going on in your life that you may feel like you can't  but trust me you need to do it. It's always more important to take care of yourself. Second, take a shower and blast your favorite song to prevent yourself from letting your mind go crazy, sing and dance and just try to be genuinely happy for a few minutes. Then, put on your super comfy pajamas and get in your bed; I don't care if it is 8 in the morning or 5 at night just cuddle up in bed. Finally, cry about it let all your emotions out. For some people it works best to just turn off the lights and sob for me I like to write my feelings down in a notebook or on my phone. I don't worry about sentences or grammar I just write down how I am feeling. Depending on what happened you may not feel better right away it may take time. But after you let your emotions out I guarantee you will feel 10x better. Take care of yourself, because you are worth it. I'm not by any means saying for you guys to avoid your problems. Once you get in bed and are calm confront your problem and get ready to come back stronger. But don't rush up, the world will wait for you to come back when you are ready. Just make sure you stand back up at some point and come back with a little more confidence in yourself.
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