Monday, March 14, 2016

A Change of Heart: Balancing Success and Love

I've always been the independent girl. The girl that was on her own and was determined to find success all by herself. If I am being brutally honest, I told my mom on multiple occasions, I was never going to get married or have kids. And I really believed it until this year; I thought I would be the fun fashionable family member that had a great job and traveled and just lived life all on her own.  I guess it was all fueled by my need to be my own person, so I ignored the thought of love. But in high school I learned to be independent and, as a result, I became open to the thought of love. Of course, I still want to be that successful woman, but I have realized that I can have that and more. And that I really do want more. I want a forever best friend. When I first began thinking about this one quote always came to mind, the idea that success is nothing unless you have someone to share it with. I'm starting to realize this is true. Life is an adventure and while some adventures are meant to be taken alone, I'm realizing the adventures of life sure do love company. I see husband and wife laughing in Target and a couple making silly faces at dinner and I think about how much I want that. I began to fall in love with love. I would see genuinely happy couples, and it would make me happy. I guess the moment I realized this was the moment things changed for me. I began to think about what building a life with someone would be like and what it would be like spending everyday thinking of one person. I realize life isn't a perfectly edited Tumblr picture or a quote on Pinterest, but I do know that life is for living and I wouldn't mind sharing it with someone else. I guess what I am trying to say is that life is not black and white, you can have everything if you are willing to try and make it work.  Don't be closed off to ideas, paint life your perfect shade of gray. Search for your own version of "life goals" whether it's city living with a super trendy guy or life on the lake with your fun-loving golden retriever. Everyone deserves to have a life they are in love with and I think I have become one step closer to discovering what mine looks like. I know love finds you when you are ready and I am content on my own for now, and I look forward to traveling through life in search of my forever person.

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