Saturday, March 12, 2016

Snapshots of My Life: 2/28-3/5

I've been meaning to sit down and write this post since last Sunday, but my life has been crazy!! Tennis, moving, school, babysitting, and clubs just have gotten a little overwhelming lately, but I'm definitely getting better at managing my time. It's the last semester of my senior year, and I wanted to share some of the highlights of my week. 
2/28: I moved!
 I only moved a few miles away from my old house, but leaving the house I lived in for a little less than 10 years was pretty sad. But I love my new house and am excited for the memories that I will have in it! This was my room the night we moved in, I pretty much only had the furniture and bare necessities, but it was beginning to feel like home. Once I get my room all in order I would love to share a room tour post! 

2/28: How cute is this shirt?
I love this shirt and wanted to give a little shout out to the lady who made it and her Etsy shop. Check out Lively Gal on Etsy, she has tons of cute stuff listed but also is happy to do custom orders! I love the shirt and love getting to rep my future home! It's a super cute and fun alternative to most college spirit wear. Plus, who doesn't love a super comfy baseball tee. 

3/1: My Spanish Project!
I wanted to share this because my friend and I were really proud of how our idea turned out! Basically, it is a tree house school that uses reusable and recyclable materials. I love AP Spanish because we get to do hands-on projects that deal with global issues. I definitely recommend this class if it offered at your school, you won't regret taking it!

 3/3: Casual but cute OOTD
I thought this outfit was super cute, but I also wanted to share because I thought it was a good transition outfit. It's perfect for those spring days where it 38 degrees in the morning and 55 degrees by the afternoon. It's a simple Nordstrom BP Sweater paired with a J.Crew Factory necklace and some dark skinny jeans and cognac flats from Target! 

3/4: Friday night Spring Break shopping!
I found out I am going on spring break with my best friend, and I am so excited! Spring break is in less than a month and I couldn't help but start shopping. Check out Aerie if you are looking for some super cute bikinis, they have so many cute ones! Also, the perfect complement to online shopping is watching How I Met Your Mother, of course.

Let me know if you liked getting a glimpse into my life and I will do another post like this soon! A lot of things are starting to come to an end, so hopefully, I'll begin to have more time for blogging very soon!
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