Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Letter to the Girl who Hates High School

To the girl who hates high school, 
I get it, I really do there is a lot to hate about high school, the lying girls, the jerk guys, the hours of homework, the constant pressure, I could go on and on. But the reality is those people, those things don't define your high school experience. High school is about learning. Learning about life and learning in the classroom. In high school, you'll encounter someone that you'll confide in but they'll betray you. The next year or the next month you'll find someone else and do the same. Whether that person ends up betraying you or not doesn't really matter. What matters is that you were hurt but you learned to trust again. You learned from it, you grew from it. You realized that one person's mistake doesn't define society as a whole. That one girl was just a step on the path to finding your best friend. On the other hand, you'll most likely have several nights where the pile of homework just seems too overwhelming. In the end, you'll do that history essay and that calculus worksheet and you'll be proud of yourself when you're done. You'll be proud of yourself when you make an A on your calculus test the next week because you put in the effort doing the homework. You'll be proud of yourself as you share interesting facts about the French Revolution with your dad. And you know why you'll be proud, you'll be proud because you learned. Suddenly the hours of work and the hours of hearing your teacher ramble on and on are not a waste but an asset. At some point in high school, your plans will crumble. You'll have all these goals and dreams and in that moment, nothing will seem to be working out. But you'll learn from it, you'll learn to have faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to. That college denial from your dream school that left you in tears will be realized to be probably for the best as you get to go somewhere different that will push you as a person. You'll grow, you'll learn. You'll stress about homecoming and prom trying to find the perfect dress and you'll learn patience. You also learn to have pure fun. You won't be worried about what everyone else is doing just being in the moment and having fun with your friends. You'll experience football games, where you'll learn to have team spirit. You'll laugh with your friends as your school's team struggles to make a touchdown, but it doesn't matter because you are having fun. Your senior year more than anything will make you change your mind. As you experience your last dance, your last football game,  your last banquet, and your last day of school you'll realize this school is more than just a brick building you are trapped in for 8 hours every day, it is a community, it's a home. A place where you learned a lot about yourself. As you reflect on every last you will struggle not to shed a tear remembering all the great memories that happened in this place. As you walk across that stage you will look at your classmates and your teachers and you will not see the friend that broke your heart or the teacher that loaded you down with assignments the night before prom but people that love and support you and want you to succeed. People that want you to learn. So to the girl that hates high school, take each moment as a learning experience. The little things that you spend hours stressing about, really matter little at all. What really matters are the lessons you've learned. As you walk out of the building on the final day, you'll be excited about the future but I  guarantee you in that moment you will not be able to say that you hated high school. Because even though high school is an imperfect wild ride, it is an experience, unlike any other that in the end looking back no one ever wants to lose.
Someone who loves high school

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