Monday, April 11, 2016

Cape San Blas Travel Diary

I recently came back from a super fun vacation at Cape San Blas in Florida. My family loves this beach because it is quiet, pretty, and packed with things to do. Though our trip was short it was full of fun that I wanted to share.

Top: Loft // Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer // Sandals: Jack Rogers 
Wednesday was mostly a travel day. We arrived at the beach around 4:30, perfect timing to go for an evening walk on the beach. It was a good walk until it started raining! But that was ok because it didn't rain at all for the rest of the trip. I loved my outfit, these new Lilly shorts paired with a classic white long sleeve tee! 


Our day started with going to see the sunrise on the beach. Though it was kind of hazy/cloudy and therefore difficult to see, it was a lot of fun. The perfect way to start the day if you ask me. Plus it forced us to get an early start on the day. This pullover was actually our senior gift from tennis and it was perfect for the chilly, windy morning on the beach paired with leggings. 

After eating breakfast we headed to T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. This park is the best of both worlds because you can explore both the bay and beach sides of the peninsula. This picture was taken on the bay side where we first began exploring. The bay side was calm and beautiful plus we got to see some unique wildlife. 

After exploring the bay side we headed to the beach side. On the beach, I decided to read. I got this book from the library before we left. It is a super fun and easy read; I really enjoyed it. The beach was extremely quiet and perfect for reading or relaxing. 

Bathing Suit: Aerie(Top & Bottom) // Hat: Nordstrom
We headed back to our place for lunch and then headed back out to the beach right outside to play in the sand and the waves. This beach was a little more crowded than the one in the park but still pretty quiet. I loved this swimsuit that I got from Aerie, it's different for me but I love it! Also, this floppy hat was perfect for keeping my face out of the sun. 

We went out to dinner that night at Provisions, which was very good despite my lack of pictures. It is an Italian restaurant with very fresh food, I definitely recommend it. 


After a bit of a late start to our day, we headed to the Cape San Blas lighthouse. The walk to it from the parking lot was gorgeous, a path covered with trees along the water. The lighthouse though not overly exciting is definitely something cool to check out. It is a relatively easy walk up and the view from the top is phenomenal.  

Top: Old Navy // Shorts: J.Crew Factory // Sandals: Jack Rogers // Hat: Vineyard Vines
After the lighthouse, we decided to explore downtown. We got some ice cream and explored some of the local boutiques. Persnickety is too cute, tons of monogram and preppy products. The downtown area is home to lots of fun colored walls and buildings that are perfect for pictures. I definitely would recommend taking some time to grab some ice cream and wander around the town. 

Sweatshirt: Wake Forest // Jeans: Levi's // Clip: J.Crew Factory
That night we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. I had so much fun taking pictures with my sister and goofing off on the beach. The Florida sunsets are gorgeous and I definitely recommend heading out there to see one for yourself. The sunset is always the perfect conclusion for a beach trip. 

Saturday we headed home, back to reality. Cape San Blas is by far my favorite beach and I definitely recommend going there for your next beach vacation. If you do decide to go here are a few other recommendations from past times I have been at the Cape, I recommend checking out Cone Heads(was closed for renovations this time) for some super yummy ice cream and renting or bringing bikes to ride in the park. I always leave Cape San Blas wanting to buy a beach house of my own there. 

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