Wednesday, April 13, 2016


One of the most important things I have learned this year is that expectations stink. It's plain and simple because everytime I set expectations, I end up hurt. I find myself way too often expecting this unattainable great thing and then being disappointed and missing out on the wonderful nature of the moment when it is there. When you set expectations you are setting yourself up for disappointment. You have to be able to just genuinely enjoy every moment no matter what happens; go with the flow and just make the best out of the situation. I think when you are able to get rid of expectations you are able to enjoy many different outcomes of a situation. It may not be the perfect idea that you had, but it will still be enjoyable and memorable. I am not always the best at doing this, for example, I recently went on spring break with my best friend, check out my travel diary. I thought our days would be full of hanging out on the beach talking, riding bikes(laughing about how unblanced we were), and walking to get ice cream at the local shop. I thought our nights would be spent watching the sunset from the beach and then watching movies late into the morning. I had high expectations, almost unreasonably high. So when we got there and ended up basically doing nothing together I found myself having to force myself to still make the best of the situation and enjoy the moments we did spend together and the time I instead spent with my family. I'm not going to lie I spent the morning of the first full day fairly upset, and I regret that beause I missed out on the enjoyment of what we did. Thankfully I was able to overcome that and focus on just making the best of the situation as it was. I had a wonderful time and made memories I will never forget. If I didn't have the expectations, I would have just been able to go into the vacation just wanting to make the best of every day and I would have saved myself from some hurt. You live and you learn. I have learned that expectations most often only result in hurt. It is fine to hope for something, like hoping a cute boy will ask you to dance at your senior prom, but expecting that to happen is just not realistic because you have no control over it. Instead spend your senior prom having a great time with friends and then if a boy asks you celebrate and have a great time with him to. This way if it doesn't happen you didn't spend your whole prom sad no one asked you to dance instead you spent it happily dancing with your friends. It's hard to do, it's hard to push expectations away but If you can I promise you will live a happier life with more happy memories. 

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