Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Top Dress Picks: Banquets, Birthdays, Senior Year, and more!

I feel like the end of my senior year is going to be full of special moments and with special moments comes the need for the perfect dress! Whether it is my final tennis banquet, senior honors night, graduation parties, or just a fun night with friends you want to look best for all the pictures that you'll take. I compiled my favorite dresses; don't be surprised if you see some of these dresses in pictures in the near future. 

Printed: You can not go wrong with Lilly for spring. I love the style and print of this dress. I think it would be too cute for almost any occasion. 
Dark Pink: This dress is my go to dress, I have it in two colors. You can dress it up or down and it is super comfy! It is definitely a staple dress for when I am unsure of what to wear.
Bright Pink: I love the color and style of this dress, it is classic but super fun. It is my ideal dress. Plus it is Lilly so it is made well and will be a great closet staple. 
Purple: This is a slightly more formal dress that would be nice for the more dressy moments and occassions. I love the purple color and think its simplicity makes it perfectly adorable. 
White: This is a super afordable option of a dress. It is classic and cute and less than $40. It would be cute for almost any occasio, plus how cute would it be with some colored sandals!

What's your go to spring dress?
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