Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Failed Plans

As I finish up my last high school final today, I wanted to write a post about one of the most important lessons I learned in high school which is that sometimes plans fail. The key word here is "sometimes" because a lot of your plans will go on right as you wanted. You'll be successful and you will reach your goals. The other key word is "plans" because failed plans do not make you a failed person or that you failed at reaching your goal. Failed plans simply mean that you need to head on a different path. The thing I learned is that failed plans are not bad because they force you on a different path. Sometimes the path is what makes all the difference in your life. It makes you grow as a person, it makes you who you are supposed to be. Though the path may not be what you want at that moment, it is exactly what you need at that moment. Every year I set plans to make all A's in school. The last 2 years no matter how hard I tried I could not get an A in 2 of my classes. As a girl who had always gotten A's, after my first B, I thought my life was falling apart. But getting that B and struggling to get the B taught me a work ethic as well as taught me that perfection is not necessary. I learned that this one failed plan did not stop me from reaching my goal. I still was accepted to my dream school, but more than that I now know that as I enter college that I am more capable of doing the work. I know I will struggle at some point in my college career, I will not be perfect but thanks to my trials in high school I have learned to be perfectly ok with that. So when you are faced with some trials that leave you feeling like your life is falling apart remember that failed plans simply force you in the direction you need to need to go. 

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