Friday, July 22, 2016

My Favorite School Supplies

When I was a freshman in high school I was so confused as to what school supplies were best and would work well to help me be successful. A lot of things I discovered right away, but some things took me up to senior year to figure out! As a result, I thought I would share my favorites to hopefully make your walk down the school supplies aisle a little bit easier this year. All of these items are tried and true things that I have used and loved and would recommend without a doubt.

Day Designer: Best planner I have ever used! See my full post on it here
Pencil bag: I know a pencil bag is not always an esssential for everyone, but I couldn't live without mine. It helps to keep your pencils, pens, etc. organized, and you don't have to worrry about marks getting on your bag. A good quality bag will hold up for several years and will be a life savor for the insode of your backpack and bags!
Notebook: The Five Star College Ruled notebooks are my absolute favorites. The hard plastic covers help them to hold up all throughout the year. Plus they come in so many fun colors! I recommend using notebooks for classes where the majority of the class will be taking notes, for example history classes or classes like psychology or biology.
Calculator: Buy a graphing calculator now! I didn't do this and it is one of the greatest regrets I have. I didn't buy one until my junior year and then had to play catch up to learn how to use it. They are expensive, but I promise it will be your life savor in math class, especially calculus as well as the SAT!
Binder: The Avery Durable binders are by far the best. They hold up throughout the entire year without fail. I recommend using binders for classes where you get lots of handouts, for example math or english. This way you can hole punch them and organize them.
Pencils: There are so many cute pencils on the market, but the best quality pencils are the Ticonderoga brand. They sharpen the best and their erasers actually erase. If you like wooden pencils than these are definitely your best bet. 
Pens: My senior year I fell in love with the Pilot G2 pens. They write so smoothly and beautifully but are also affordable. They are perfect for taking notes and writing essays. 

When do you go back to school? Let me know in the comments below!
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