Friday, August 12, 2016

101 in 1001

If you have never heard of the 101 in 1001 list, it is a list created by Mackenzie Horan that is meant to be the perfect balance between a to-do list and bucket list! It is a list of 101 things that you want to accomplish in 1001 days or 2.75 years. I have been wanting to make one of these lists for a while now, but I wanted to post it at a time in my life that I could benchmark. I figured now would be a good time as I am headed off to start my first year of college, and in 2.75 I will be established at college and well on my way toward graduation(so crazy to think about). I'm hoping posting it on here will help keep me accountable!

Start Date: 8/12/16
End Date: 5/10/19

1. Read 25 books(1. The Boy Most Likely To, 2. The Hopefuls, 3. Everything, Everything, 4. Saint Anything, 5. All the Bright Places)
2. Vote(October 21, 2016)
3. Write 20 snail mail letters(1. To my aunt, 2. To my grandma)
4. Send packages to my high school friends
5. Go a day completely unplugged
6. Go to church every Sunday for a month
7. Fall in love
8. Journal everyday for a month
9. Learn to blow out my hair
10. Lean Calligraphy
11. Attend a yoga class
12. Call my grandma every week for a month
13. Watch 15 new movies(1. Neighbors 2, 2. Me Before You, 3. Good Will Hunting, 4. Finding Dory, 4. Waffle Street, 5. Instructions Not Included, 6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 7. Collateral Beauty, 8. A Dog's Purpose, 9. La La Land, 10. Serendipity, 11. Two Weeks Notice, 12. Money Monster, 13. Miss Congeniality, 14. She's the Man, 15. Coffee Shop)
14. Try 10 new restaurants(1. Silo, 2. Quanto Basta, 3. River Burch Lodge, 4. Green's Pharmacy, 5. The Loop, 6. Elizabeth's, 7. Zoe's Kitchen, 8. PF Changs, 9. Bad Daddy's Burger Bar, 10. Crafted)
15. Buy myself flowers 5 times
16. Workout everyday for a week
17. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week
18. Do something outside my comfort zone
19. Surprise someone by showing up unexpectedly
20. Go to bed at 10 everyday for a week
21. Dance in the rain
22. Play in the snow
23. Create a cleaning/washing schedule 
24. Take a class: photography, cooking, baking, painting, etc
25. Surprise someone with a gift(mom & dad when I went away to college)
26. Start saving for my future (December 2016)
27. Write a letter to my future self
28. Stop biting my nails
29. Learn to cook a dessert from scratch
30. Master the art of being by myself

31. Do an internship
32. Join a sorority(Kappa Alpha Theta)
33. Get involved with a organization I love on campus(WFU Style)
34. Get a 4.0
35. Participate in at least 10 on campus activities(1. Project Pumpkin, 2. Homecoming, 3.Gingerbread House decorating contest, 4. Wake N Shake, 5. Derby Days, 6. Shag on the Mag, 7. President's Ball, 8. Lovefeast, 9. Talk by Emily Giffin)
36. Find my major
37. Find a minor/double major
38. Find my best friend(s)
39. Be roommates with my best friend(s)(Fall 2017/Spring 2018: Elena-roomate turned best friend)
40. Do summer school/program
41. Take a leadership role on campus(Student Advisor in Fall of 2017)
42. Connect with a professor as a mentor
43. Create a plan for my future
44. Influence someone else in their decision to come to Wake Forest
45. Do something I wouldn't normally do 
46. Create a Linked-in(March 2017)

47. Monetize my blog
48. Work with a company for a blog post(Greek U)
49. Change email
50. Start a blog series
51. Start posting 5 days a week
52. Learn how to take photos on manual
53. Post on Instagram everyday for a month(September 25-October 25)
54. Update all my old blog posts
55. Do 10 blog collaborations(Brand Collabs: 1. Greek U, 2. Maple Holistics, 3. Tobi)
56. Create a blog business plan
57. Add inspiration section to the blog
58. Do something to improve the blog every month 
59. Have 5 super fun planned photoshoots
60. Make business cards(September 2017)
61. Attend a blogger meetup or a blog event
62. Share my blog with more people, at least 5 new people
63. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers
64. Make a blogger friend that lives in another city/state

65. Visit my grandparents for a week by myself
66. Go on a trip by myself
67. Go on a trip with my best friends
68. Visit my high school best friend at her college
69. Explore 5 new cities(1. Davidson, NC, 2. Denver, CO, 3. Boulder, CO)
70. Plan and go on a mother-daughter trip
71. Visit 5 waterfalls with my dad
72. Attend a pro-tennis match
73. Visit a new state(Colorado)
74. Visit D.C.
75. Make an awesome video for a trip(Belk Bowl-December 2017)
76. Go apple or berry picking
77. Go back to Cape San Blas
78. Visit Charleston, S.C.
79. Go to the Carolina Cup or Kentucky Derby(April 1, 2017)
80. Plan a trip itinerary myself

Winston Salem: 
81. Go out to brunch 5 times at 5 different places(1. The Famous Toastery, 2. Cagney's Kitchen)
82. Visit a local farmers market
83. Tour the Reynolda House(September 2017-Georgia O'Keeffe Exhibit) 
84. Explore Downtown(April 21, 2017)
85. Visit a local park(Salem Lake-January 2017)
86. Find a hiking spot nearby
87. Try 5 new restaurants(1. Silo, 2. Quanto Basta, 3. River Burch Lodge, 4. The Loop, 5. Elizabeth's)
88. Attend 5 local events

89. Explore a new place in my hometown
90. Plan and spend a day with just my sister
91. Try a new dish at 2 of my favorite restaurants
92. Visit all the local parks
93. Reconnect with a high school teacher
94. Shop at my favorite local boutiques(December 2017)
95. Discover 3 new spots
96. Visit a local farmers market
97. Have lunch with 2 high school friends while in town

General Reminders:
98. Be more positive
99. Overcome my shyness
100. Be more present
101. Share the things I'm passionate about

I'm hoping that some of you will follow along with my list, I will be updating this post as I accomplish things and you can always find the link on the sidebar of my blog! If you have made one of these lists or a similar bucket list link it down bellow or just let me a few things you hope to accomplish and we can help support each others goals and dreams. 


  1. I loved writing my 101 in 1001 day's list good luck!!
    xoxo Kelsey

  2. I loved making my list and good luck on yours!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson