Monday, August 8, 2016

College Application Tips

It's college application time! It is such a stressful yet exciting time of year; to help with some of the stress I decided to compile a list of my top 10 application tips. After going through the process last year I feel that I have some useful tips to give you all, I am by no means an expert but just a girl who has gone through the process herself. I'm attending Wake Forest University, so if you want to see my college admission story check it out here. And just remember once you finish applying, senior year is nothing but fun!

1.  Don't apply to too many schools.
This is my biggest tip. There is no sense applying to 10 schools when you could only see yourself actually attending 5 of them. If you don't know where you want to attend I recommend touring the schools. Actually being on the college campuses will give you a really good idea if you can see yourself there! 

2.  Apply to your top school first.
Do it first even if it does have a later deadline. If you wait you will get burnt out and your work will not be as good. You definitely want to put your best foot forward for every college, but definitely for your top choice. Your ideas will be the freshest and pure if you do their application first!

3.  Keep your writing true to you. 
Only have people read your essays to check for grammar mistakes. You want your writing to reflect your voice, not your English teachers or your parents. Even if you aren't the best writer you want the college to see you, not a perfectly structured piece of work. I know someone who literally had everyone she knew with a college degree read and edit her essay, I get that it is important but you'll loose a little piece of you with every person that edits it.

4.  Get great recommendations from your teachers.
Recommendations should never be your downfall, teachers can write them from all different angles to make you look great! Check out this post for how to get awesome recommendations.

5.  Answer the question.
You may want to share this specific instance in your life in your essay, but if it does not answer the question then you should not use it. Even if you have to use a story that is not as good, you should always answer the question! If you do not answer the question, then you risk them thinking you don't understand the question which could make you look not so good to admissions officers.

6.  Be true to yourself and your passions.
Write about what you love. I feel like there is this idea that people think colleges only want to hear about your community service projects. It is much more impactful to write about what you love. If you like community service than write about it, but if you like singing than write about that. Colleges want to learn about what makes you, you. 

7. Submit early.
The earlier better, so you have more time to enjoy your senior year! 

8. Be cognizant of how you are applying.
Early decision, early action, regular decision, rolling decision: look up what your college has available. Always apply early action if possible, you find out earlier! Only apply early decision if it is your top choice school because you will be bound to go there. 

9. Have an extracurricular list.
Perfect your extracurricular list now! Show everything you have done in high school. List the ones you are most involved in first. Always include any leadership positions!

10. Be prepared to pay some fees. 
Every application has a fee. Work out with your parents if they will pay it or if you need to pay it. Some fees can get up to $80. This is another idea why it is a good idea to limit how many schools you apply to. 

I hope this was helpful for some of you! Don't stress too much and remember everything happens for a reason. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or shoot me an email. I'd love to help!


  1. I think the best tip is always to be true to yourself! That doesn't mean you don't want to be polished and professional, but you definitely want a school that YOU are going to fit into!! College was the best 4 years- what an exciting time for you!

    1. Yes I totally agree, be the best version of yourself! And thanks, I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. In my country you don't apply you actually take a test. But these tips are great, some of them can be even considered when applying for a new job too!


    Tamara -

    1. Yes! Some of them could definitely be applied to job applications.

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