Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DIY School Supplies: Notebooks, Pencils, and More

Today I am sharing 4 fun DIYs with all of you. I am definitely not good at crafts, so all of these are super easy! No need to break the bank because these school supplies will keep your school supplies cute but still affordable. But if these 4 DIYs are not enough, this is a collab with Sarah from Simply Sarah Rose, so check out her post for even more fun projects!

DIY #1: Polka-Dot Painted Pencils
I love these pencils! They are so fun because you can personalize them with whatever colors you want. Plus the fun colors and print will help to give you a little morale boost on your next test!

What you need: Hole Reinforcements, Pencils, Paint(2-3 colors), Mod Podge, Paint Brushes
*Note: I bought the pencils with the plastic design on the outside and then just peeled the plastic off

1) Place the hole reinforcements sporadically throughout the pencil(the more the better, I think!)

2) Paint only the hole of the reinforcements 

3) Let dry for 30 min

4) Peel the reinforcements off

5) Seal with mod podge(optional but will help the design to stay better and look nicer)

6) Use for the next big test or everyday!

DIY #2: Scrapbook Paper Notebook
Want the look of those cute notebooks you see at Target but don't want to pay the ridiculously high price. If so then DIY #2 is the perfect one for you! It's even personalizable with your class name. 

What you need: Notebook, Scrapbook Paper, Label(Print Here), Mod Podge, Brush

1) Prepare label, either print with your class name or write it in after printing. I used this label!

2) Cut scrapbook paper to fit notebook size, I traced it

3) Put mod podge all over the front of the notebook using a brush

4) Place the scrapbook paper down

5) Let dry for a few minutes

6) Place mod podge on the back of the label, and place label on notebook(you can measure it or just wing it like I did)

7) Let dry overnight

8) Mod podge over the top of the notebook to seal the paper in and prevent it from getting torn off

9) Done!

DIY #3: Painted Stripe Notebook
This is a simple way to make your notebook look clean and chic. Five Star has the best notebooks, but they never come in fun prints. This DIY can help make them look great!

What you need: Notebook, Painters Tape, Paint, brush, Mod Podge
*Note: I suggest getting a notebook with as few words and labels on it as possible

1) Use painters tape to make stripes on the notebook, I measured using the tape because it was a good width , but if not you could use a ruler.

2) Place painters tape on back of cover to cover the open holes so paint will not go through them

3) Paint!

4) Let dry for an hour

5) Remove Tape

7) Wait overnight and then mod podge over the whole cover

8) Look oh so cute in class!

DIY #4: To-do Frame
DIY #4 is by far the easiest one. But it is great for reminding yourself of things going on. Just place it on your desk and update it every week with what is going on! 

What you need: Scrapbook paper, Frame, Dry Erase Marker

1) Take the glass out of the frame if possible(if not just use a ruler and measure) and trace it on scrapbook paper

2) Cut it out

3) Place in frame

4) Write whatever you need to remind yourself of

I hope you enjoyed this post; it is a little bit different but was fun to put together. Don’t forget to check out Sarah’s post as well. And if you make any of these please share them with me on Instagram, Twitter, or Email! If you have any questions about what I did or used, please don't be afraid to ask!


  1. I love the notebooks! I can wait till I go school suplies shopping! x

    1. Thanks girl! Back to school shopping is always so fun!

  2. These are such cute DIY's! I'd never think about decorating like this!

    Alyson | My Life as Alyson

    1. Thanks!! I thought they all were really fun!