Friday, August 5, 2016

The 5 Best Study Tools

Sometimes it is hard to know how to study for an upcoming test or quiz, especially at the beginning of the year as you try to get yourself back in the swing of things. That is why I thought it would be useful if I shared my all time favorite study techniques. These will give you a good start to studying. But more than the study technique to be successful it is always important to start studying in advance and also pay attention in class. A little bit of work each day can go a long way. 

1. Flash Cards: Flash cards are perfect for trying to remember definitions, terms, or simple facts. They allow you to easily quiz yourself. I used them the most in foreign language, biology, psychology, history, and for the SAT. I find that flashcards are portable and easy to study on the go. I prefer paper flashcards though I know that some people prefer the online variety, i.e. Quizlet

2. Foldables: Foldables basically serve the same purpose as flash cards except you don't need index cards and you include two things. For instance, for AP Gov I would put the court case on the outside and then the year on one side of the flap and what it was on the other. I mostly only used a foldable when I didn't have any note cards with me. But they work just as well and can be more fun to make!

3. Mind Maps: When I'm stressed about an upcoming test, I like to use a mind map to just put everything I know on paper. It usually makes me feel a lot better about what I know and what I need to still study. These work great for novels in your English class or for history classes! Check out this video if you have never used a mind map before.

4. Textbook Notes: Sometimes there is nothing better than notes from the textbook. I recommend getting a separate notebook or using a specific section in your notebook for textbook notes. It is always worth it to read the textbook! It can give you valuable insight into the material that you may have missed in class or your teacher may have not had time to cover. Take the time and write good notes. 

5. Online Videos: For when you just really aren't feeling like doing work, but you want to study a little bit I recommend watching a video. Sometimes it is extremely helpful to hear someone explain a concept again instead of just reading it over in your notes. Over my years in high school, I have found some awesome videos for help. My favorites: AP Econ, US History, MathCrash Course(for literally everything)

I really hope this post was helpful! I know it can be difficult to find the motivation to study, but having tried and true methods can help make it a little easier. If you have any more study tools that you love, please share them in the comments below!


  1. Oh my gosh I love crash course! I say that's one way I was able to pass my AP World History exam, haha.
    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

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