Tuesday, September 20, 2016

College Life Update: 9/11-9/17

Hi guys! The last week of college has been very busy and for my own sake I really wanted to document it on the blog. I did a lot of school work, got sick, went to a football game, and had some visitors all within a few days!

Sunday: 9/11
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 I decided to let Sunday be a really relaxing day. I'm not going to lie I stayed in my dorm room for a good part of the day just having some me time. As an introvert I have found myself really needing to find time to myself in college, and this was the perfect opportunity. I did some homework that afternoon and then went on a rush date! It went really well, and was the perfect bit of socialization after a chill day spent to myself.

Monday: 9/12
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Mondays are always busy for me, but this Monday was extra busy! I have three classes all spread out throughout the day spanning from 9-3, so most of my day was spent in class. Then once I was done with class I did homework for a couple hours before heading on another rush date! This one was with a girl from my Spanish class and it was really nice to get to know her more.  After dinner I headed to a Circle K meeting which is a community service club that I'm really excited to get involved with! That night I had to finish up a Spanish project. 

Tuesday: 9/13
Tuesday was a little bit stressful, I started the day in Spanish where I accidentally did the wrong homework. Thankfully my teacher was really understanding and let me turn it in during her office hours the same day. As a result, I had to head from my 11 o'clock class straight to my dorm to print and complete the homework assignment before my teachers office hours at 1. It all worked out and I was able to get it turned in. After lunch I headed to the library to get some work done. I tried to get a lot of work done in advance this week since my friend was coming to visit over the weekend. 

Wednesday: 9/14
Wednesday was another busy day in terms of classes. I spent the majority of the day in class or running to class. That night I didn't have anything going on so I went to the library again and did some work for a little bit. My Wednesday was going really smoothly until all of a sudden I started not feeling too great. After going to the library for a little bit my nose wouldn't stop running and I was confident in that moment that I had caught the freshman plague. I went to sleep at 9 but slept really bad this night because I was being a cranky sick person and refused to get medicine. 

Thursday: 9/15
Thursday morning after not feeling well at all I went and bought some DayQuil from the on campus shop. This helped a lot though my nose was still very stuffy. I went to my two classes and then sat outside the only place where I could breathe to try and get some things done. The medicine told me to take it every 4 hours, and so I took a dose at dinner and it killed my stomach. I went to sleep early agin with a stomach ache. 

Friday: 9/16
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Friday I only had one class which I sniffled through. I excitedly was awaiting my friend from home to get here as well as my dad. I spent the day working outside again trying to get as much work as possible done before they got here but it was difficult because I was not feeling well. As a result, I didn't get as much as I thought I would done. They got here around 6, and I took them on a tour of the campus. Then we headed out to dinner at a local restaurant which was super good. I loved getting to catch up with my friend. We came back to my room that night and relaxed since I wasn't feeling great. 

Saturday: 9/17
Saturday I still wasn't feeling great but I put on a smiling face to take my friend to some of the fun spots around Wake. We headed to breakfast in the dining hall at 9 because the omelets are delicious. Then I took her on a tour of the library. After that we just sat outside and relaxed for a little bit before heading to lunch with one of my best friends on campus. It was so great to have my two friends meet each other. After that we headed to Reynolda Gardens which is always absolutely gorgeous. Then we did a little bit of homework, before heading to dinner. We ate a quick dinner and then headed to the football game. The football game was so fun and Wake Forest won!! We are 3-0 right now which is just unbelievable. It was really fun to cheer on the demon deacons to another victory!

I had an awesome week though it was definitely jam packed and had me wishing for a bit of time to myself on occasion. Especially since I was not feeling that well, thankfully I'm finally almost over my sickness. I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you did feel free to check out my first week of school post. Let me know something exciting you did last week!

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